Mixed Mediums: Print And Digital Marketing Can Work Together


You might have heard from some that print is dead (well, in terms of marketing anyway) but the reality is that print or traditional marketing is still a force to be reckoned with. And this is despite the fact that the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. Many businesses today are combining a digital marketing strategy with a print marketing one. 

However, some are still not convinced that print marketing still has a place in today’s digital landscape. After all, from search engine optimisation (SEO) to social media marketing, we have seen a huge number of platforms emerge that offer improved marketing and consumer reach – surely these have rendered print redundant? In fact, the opposite is true, with print becoming an exciting companion for a digital marketing campaign.  

Not convinced? Keep reading below for our thoughts on how print and digital marketing can work together. 


Bees do it… (cross-pollination, of course)


Now, you might be wondering what cross-pollination is. We’re not talking about bees here though, we are talking about the practice of promoting one media channel through another. It is a fundamental strategy of any multi-channel marketing strategy, and allows you to tap into the strengths of both print and digital marketing. 

One effective example of this is using a QR (quick response) code for consumers to scan in order to reach a landing page, your website, or even a link to download your app. These codes are also trackable, which means that you can see how well your print media is performing. One unique example of a QR code being used effectively is Netflix using QR codes to promote the show Gilmore Girls, transforming real-world cafes to look like one from the show. 


Craft creative CTAs (calls to action)


Calls to action are the life-blood of a successful digital marketing strategy. It requires active participation from the audience, which is quite different from the passive manner of print marketing. If you think about a billboard or a poster, the goal is to make the audience aware of the product or service. However, combining these can be a powerful marketing method. 

You could create a promotion for one of your products that is only accessible by entering a code found on one of your posters, or you could direct consumers to a landing page on your website that offers downloadable content after entering a phrase or number. This way you are creating engagement across both mediums and will create more awareness about your brand or business. 


Mobile App Marketing


If you speak to any digital marketing agency, they will tell you that digital campaigns used to be aimed at anyone with a laptop or computer. Now, however, digital marketing strategies are aimed at anyone with a computer, laptop, and smartphone. Apps, or applications, are rising in popularity, especially for retail businesses. 

But, you might be wondering how print media can be used to advertise a mobile app. You can use flyers, posters, or even direct mail postcards advertising your app. Include a Qr code or encourage users to visit your website to download your app. The traffic to your site will increase and you will also be creating awareness about your ecommerce website. Remember to use colours, keywords, and branding that accurately reflect your app and its purpose on your print advertising. 


Publications Enhance Digital Marketing


If you think magazines or brochures are dead in the water, you’re wrong. Think about almost any waiting room (be it doctor, dentist, or even hairdresser), and you are sure to see a pile of magazines and stacks of brochures on the table to read while you wait. And your magazine or brochure could be a part of this material, bringing in more interested customers. 

You do not need to spend hours (and Rands) creating brand new content for this publication. If you have a well-populated blog on your website, you can simply reword these posts and use those that are most related to create a print publication. Brochures can easily be used to advertise your services, and if you include your website or a QR code on both, you can garner more traffic to your website. 


Print Is Not Dead…


…long live print! By combining both a digital marketing strategy and print marketing, you can reach your consumers on numerous channels and in a meaningful manner. You can invest in cross-pollination practices for a better multi-channel strategy, or you can come up with creative CTAs on posters and flyers to encourage users to download your app or visit your website. 

For mobile app marketing, print can be used in fun and exciting ways. And if you create your own brand publication, you will find more visitors to your website seeking further information. If you would like to find out more about how print and digital marketing can work together, contact NetMechanic today.