The Future Of Mobile Affects The Future Of Everything

We use cross-development technologies to design and create mobile applications that maintain business goals while also providing an excellent customer experience.

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iOS App Development for iPhone and iPad

Every day there are new innovations in technology being developed. If you are not up-to-date, then you will be left behind. Netmechanic’s iOS app developers in Cape Town can bring you up to speed with a professionally designed and developed app with functionality on any Apple device.

Whether you are a brand, business, or entrepreneur, our team can develop a one-of-a-kind app that will captivate your audience and catapult you into the future.

Android App Development

We have all seen the little green droid from our phones, but our highly experienced developers know Android inside and out. They are able to develop apps that are not only good looking, but are fully functional too.

The NetMechanic Android app developers in Cape Town are perfectionists. They will work tirelessly to develop an app that functions across all Android devices, delivering on-time and with expectations exceeded.

Our App Development Process


The journey to mobile application success starts with discovery. Here we will learn about and understand your business and what makes it tick. Our team will draft a mobile application brief and specification using this information and our own research. 


This is where the wizardry starts. We will design wireframes to map out the function of the app, including usability and flow. After the wireframe is approved, our graphic designers wave their magic wands and design the app screens using your branding, colours, and design ideas.


Once the designs have been signed off, we can forge ahead and build your mobile app. By using a cross-platform framework, we ensure that your app will work perfectly on any device.

Delivery & Launch

Building your app is just the start of your journey with NetMechanic. We will perform a final quality control before it is live and living on the screens of millions. Once this check is complete, your app will be deployed to various app stores.