Our lives have changed rapidly in the past few weeks thanks to Covid-19. Many of us have had to adapt to the new norm of being inside and shopping online, and as people’s behaviours change, so do their online and search behaviours change. This has already been seen in how different industries have changed their Google Ads spend since the start of the pandemic, but we are also seeing new online trends emerging. 

If you are implementing a digital marketing strategy staying up-to-date is vital. This way, you will be able to meet the needs and expectations of your audience and consumers. There is plenty of room and time to adapt to the changes you might see happening around you, especially when it comes to online trends. Below we look at just some of the new online trend emerging due to Covid-19. 


Online Shopping Increases


With people being in lockdown, they are no longer allowed to go to shopping centres to visit their favourite retailers, which is leading to more people shopping online. You can no longer rely on foot traffic to drive your income, which means that many retailers have had to go online or improve their online presence. Even having a simple website with ecommerce functionalities can help you keep up with this digital marketing trend. 


Video Content On The Rise


People are cooped up indoors now more than ever, which has seen a surge in the consumption of video content, whether it is from brands, influencers, or businesses. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are constantly improving their video capabilities because better video means more engagement. Using video as a marketing tool has become a highly popular trend, as businesses want to make use of this for their products and services. 


Content Interactivity On The Rise


Interactive content is more than just a way to keep your audience entertained, especially when it comes to digital marketing during the Covid-19 crisis. If you need to educate your audience about your operation processes during this difficult time, interactive content is the way to do it. It will be more memorable for them and they will be more likely to continue interacting with your brand. This content is also highly shareable, and social media is becoming more active during this period, leading to more shares and views of content


More Mobile Users Online


People are now having to work from home, which also means that they are more likely to search on their mobile devices while using their desktops or laptops for work purposes. What this means is that websites now need to be mobile-first, so you should look into optimising your content and your website for this. Mobile users expect to have a speedy experience, so be sure to improve your website for this. You can also create mobile-specific content for your social media channels, which will encourage more engagement from your audience. 


Voluminous Voice Content


Voice search is set to increase in 2020, and Covid-19 is not the only cause of this. People are using voice search more and more to find what they need online, and you will need to consider this for your digital marketing strategy. You can try using long-tail keywords in your headers and titles, keep natural-language search in mind when writing content, and use conversational sentences for your meta-descriptions. Being found by voice search can help to improve your online visibility during this uncertain time. 


Covid-19 Dominates Searches


It is no secret that people are researching everything to do with the Covid-19 pandemic, but you will need to be sure that your business and your campaigns are not associated with these keywords, so be sure to add searches such as, “covid-19 rule breaking” or, “covid-19 online retailers jail” or anything that could be misconstrued as negative to your negative keyword list. Having these ready will help your paid advertising campaigns to succeed and will ensure that your business is not related with any bad press or search terms. 


Put It All Together


The online trends emerging due to the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to grow and change, but for now, focusing on those that have already come to light will help to maintain your business’s relevancy. Be sure to improve your website for online shopping and mobile browsers, create video and interactive content to drive engagement, and be sure to optimise for voice search. 

If you would like to improve your online presence and stay up-to-date with online trends, speak to NetMechanic today to find out what we can offer you.