Gone are the days of trying to get your banner ad on the homepage of Yahoo! or putting 99% of your marketing effort into getting first page search rankings on Google.  A new type of optimisation has joined the search race and seems to be ranking top on the priority list of each savvy marketing enthusiast.  News Feed Optimisation is the optimisation of your social feed and can also be referred to as Facebook SEO.  Facebook SEO is the practice of optimising your news feed so that you appear in the top news feeds of users.

Facebook EdgeRank SEO Optimisation NetMechanic

Facebook’s algorithm is called EdgeRank and it controls what you see in your News Feed when you log into Facebook. It operates similar to Google’s pagerank system.  In order for your business Facebook Fan Page to end up in the Top Feed, you will need to compile content with a high EdgeRank.

There are four factors that determine your EdgeRank:

  1. Affinity:   This is the social value of your object? This is the measurement of the interaction on your post.  How many likes or comments did your post generate?
  2. Weight:  This is predetermined by FB, but the basic premise is this: what is the importance of the object? For example, a video holds more weight than an image. It is also determined by the type of interaction your post generates.
  3. Relevancy:  This is determined by the relationship between you and the user.
  4. Time: This one is pretty basic. Keep content fresh, new and relevant.

Here are a couple of tips on how to optimise your Facebook feed.

  • Post often – every 3 to 12 hours
  • Keep posts under 80 characters
  • Post directly to Facebook and other platforms.  Try avoid sharing sites like HootSuite or Tweetdeck; Facebook’s EdgeRank doesn’t ‘like’ them much.
  • Use images, video and visual content that encourage interaction
  • Build relationships through communication

Social media is continuously evolving and you will need to evolve with it and change your thought process on SEO to obtain the most value and ROI for your social efforts.

Optimisation for social platforms is not about linking and structure but more about social engagement and value.