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Your responsive, custom-developed, and beautifully designed website needs a place to live. We offer competitive hosting packages to ensure your site is always up-to-date and stable.

Our hosting services are available 24/7 and offer high bandwidth connectivity and redundant connections for guaranteed 99.9% uprate on all sites we host.

WordPress Maintenance and Support

The formula to success is not truly known, but the formula to failure? Trying to please everyone. Running a business and maintaining a website is doing just that, and it may not work out.

NetMechanic offers a reliable WordPress support service which helps to relieve the burden of having to maintain a website. We allow you to focus on what’s really important: your business.

Magento Hosting

We offer the performance that Magento websites need in order to maintain their 99% uptime for customers. With us, you can expect powerful servers that will keep your site running at all times, as well as expert support for any questions you may have. Our Magento hosting in Cape Town is the ideal option for anyone who is serious about making their ecommerce business a success.

Content Management Systems Training

With the NetMechanic team, you are able to learn something new every day (like, did you know that space smells like seared steak? – well, you do now).

We pride ourselves in offering efficient and effective one-on-one training for a variety of content management systems (CMS).

Complete Push Notifications

Push notifications are small messages that are sent by an application to the user. They can reach your audience at any time, anywhere. They are used by websites and applications even when they are not in use.