Pinterest, it’s the latest obsession and the newest social media craze, with 80% of users female and 55% of all users between the ages of 25-44, Pinterest reaches a very desired demographic.

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an online pin board, much like a traditional board you use to lay out your thoughts. This allows users to share pictures and videos of anything them find interesting and would like to share. Users create online boards, usually aligning with a specific theme such as books, architecture, etc. For example, I love photography, so I created an Inspiration board filled with photos I like soon. Each board serves as a list of inspirational pictures to the user. Currently Pinterest in invite only, but you can sign up and wait for an invite, or get one of your friends to invite you.

Like Facebook, you can like a picture and add a comment. Additionally, Pinterest allows users to also pin and repin. Pinning occurs when a user pins something he or she finds interesting from another website such as Practical Photography. Users can even add a browser bookmark to make pinning even easier. Repinning occurs when a user repins an image or video someone else has already pinned. To find items to repin, users can search for items already on Pinterest from followers or one of the categories.

A major component of Pinterest is how you follow people, some you’ll know and others you won’t. Users can simply follow a single board or multiple boards from the same person, giving them a choice of content.

Pinterest can also be linked to Facebook and Twitter to show friends and followers when new items are pinned or repined.

We are all visual people and we love sharing with like-minded people. Pinterest offer the perfect platform for this, so you better get pinning!