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Project Description

NetMechanic designed and developed a website for the Arts and Culture Trust, making use of a modern and fresh design to produce a welcoming environment for Creatives.The website is also responsive and works on mobile and tab devices.
The website was developed using NetToolbox as the content management system.

Project Features

Type Content Management System
Feature Responsive Website
Includes;Newsletter Subscribe
Location;South Africa, Johannesburg
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There are so many factors that are considered when launching a new website. While cost was a major consideration for us, we have reached a point where our online needs have outgrown the organisation’s digital platform at the time. Not only was NetMechanic’s offering affordable, it is a one-stop-shop. They have had a major impact on the Arts & Culture Trust’s data management processes and procedures. NetToolBox, their operating dashboard, is user-friendly and the responsive design capabilities that allow our beneficiaries to access our website on their mobiles was a major selling point. NetMechanic also launched a bespoke blog site for the Trust, which now forms an integral part of our communications strategy. Pieter Jacobs

Owner, The Arts and Culture Trust