Debt Care is one of the leading debt solutions providers in South Africa They provide clients with the assistance they need to become debt-free and manage their finances effectively. NetMechanic was tasked with redesigning the website and aligning it with a Google Ads campaign.

We tackled the website with our usual aplomb, and designed it in order to assist the client with a campaign to improve their conversion. We built landing pages and used a light-weight, fast-loading theme. The page speed improved yo 83 out of 100, which is an excellent SEO result.


  • Debt Care


  • Custom design
  • UX Design
  • Theme redevelopment
  • Content Management System setups and integrations


  • Consultation & Planning
  • Website optimisation
  • Mobile-friendly implementation with a tap to call function


  • Google Analytics, Sitemap Submissions and consolidating all Social channels and Analytics details into one account.
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Sitemap Submission

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