Ngalawa designs and manufactures stunning wooden furniture made from the wood of ancient dhows, lateen-rigged sailing vessels, which are lovingly carved with African animals and scenery. While their furniture was popular, there was no physical showroom and so they needed a digital solution. Without an online presence, reaching customers would be near impossible. 

NetMechanic jumped at the chance to help this unique client and we worked hard to build them a functional website as well as a WooCommerce online store. The website is easy to use and clearly sets out all the categories and subcategories of stock, for an efficient shopping experience for anyone who is interested in their furniture.


  • Ngalawa


  • WordPress website

  • Consultation & Planning

  • Ecommerce Portal (WooCommerce)


  • Content Management System
  • Mobile-friendly
  • catalog creation and product loading


  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Sitemap submission

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