Wealth Preservation Strategies

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April 6, 2018

Wealth Preservation Strategies is a financial advisory practise that specialises in coaching, assisting, and guiding clients in achieving their financial goals. They offer customised help in implementing financial plans and strategies. NetMechanic came to their aid by improving the speed of their website and refreshing the design.

We were able to redesign and develop the whole website as well as integrate a CMS system that allowed the staff to manage content. The speed and overall performance of the website were improved and so were the SEO techniques.


  • Wealth PS


  • Web design
  • UX Design
  • Consultation & Planning
  • Custom Coding


  • 1 x banner slider
  • Multiple recurring banners on various pages
  • Custom UX Design and Custom Coding
  • Content Management System was setup
  • Blog Setup
  • Web forms and lead tracking


  • Google Analytics, Sitemap Submissions and consolidating all Social channels and Analytics details into one account.

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