The evolution of social media has knocked every marketer’s socks off.  It has escalated marketing growth to such an extent that most companies are folding under the sheer dominance of it all.  Content is being produced at a shocking rate with more than 1.8 zettabytes of data produced in 2010 alone.  This number is expected to double every two years.

Be sure of one thing; your target audience is currently suffering from severe information overload.  The average person is targeted by 3000 messages per day.  This can only result in a generation where content is scanned and only read once something truly profound catches the eye.  With such a heavy amount of fresh content flying around, what assures you that your company’s content is reaching and resonating with the reader?

The most important piece of advice I could lend to your content writer is this:  Content is written not for your business, but for your customer. Content is not about corporate speak for a new product, brochure or e-mail campaign; it’s about inspiring your reader and most importantly – adding value to the customer.  Make it simple, memorable, inviting and fun to read. Content needs to be produced on a 90 – 10 split.  Approximately 90% of your content needs to add value to the reader and around 10% should be allocated to the company’s sales pitch/marketing.

When you’ve created a balance in content topics and value add, start looking at establishing a meaningful personable voice for your company through your content.  One of the main reasons why content is not being read can be contributed to the fact that it has no personality and does not portray the company voice.  When starting your blog/newsletter/social updates; don’t worry about being eloquent or fancy, just make it real and make it meaningful.  This will set the tone for your company and act as the heart of your personal brand.

Alternatively to writing your own content, you can look at outsourcing content writing or hire a professional who will know how to transform your ideas into SEO optimized content with soul.  This will be an essential element to boosting your online presence and getting your content read.