Rebranding your business is a massive undertaking, especially if you are an established brand who already has an established audience. There is a belief that if you brand them young, your audience will stay loyal forever, and this should be kept at the top of your digital marketing strategy when you are rebranding. Reaching a younger audience might seem difficult, but it is simple to achieve if you have the right tactics in place. 

If you are working with a digital marketing agency you will already have an established audience. While this is important to maintain during your rebrand, you will also need to be able to reach and attract a younger, more modern demographic. Below we look at some of the best ways to rebrand for reaching a younger audience. 


Build A Brand Personality


Older consumers and parents, in particular, tend to focus on the quality and performance of a brand whereas younger consumers are more interested in the personality or “voice” of a brand. It is important to focus on both during a rebrand, but it also allows you the opportunity to refresh your voice or personality in order to appeal to these younger consumers. 

As a business owner, you will need to focus on the quality of the products you are offering, while looking at building your brand personality. Youthful markets tend to appreciate humour combined with professionalism, which can be tricky to achieve for certain industries. As long as your brand personality and digital marketing strategy are authentic, a younger audience will be drawn to your rebranded business. 


Keep It Consistent


The younger generation is known for appreciating brands that are consistent, so when it comes to your rebranding, you will need to ensure that every social media platform and marketing channel is the same as one another to reach complete brand cohesiveness. Your logos and colours should all complement one another and should be the same across the board

Consistency is important for getting your brand message across effectively and for showing Millennials and Gen Z’ers that your brand is trustworthy and reputable. Keeping your rebranding consistent also involves maintaining your brand’s voice (serious, witty, corporate, etc.) across all platforms. When rebranding, you will need to use the same logo, colours, and voice on all channels in order to resonate with a younger audience that craves consistency. 


Very Visual Audience


Now, any digital marketer worth their hundredth cup of coffee knows that content is king. But, in today’s world, visual content is fast usurping written content as the head of the royal family. This means that, when working on your rebranding strategy, you will need to think about your visuals very carefully. 

Think about it in terms of what the different generations have grown up with: Baby Boomers had print advertising, Generation X had television advertising, whereas Millennials and Generation Z have had 3D virtual-reality advertising and interactive online ads. Not embracing eye-catching and on-brand visuals for your rebrand could be highly detrimental, especially with visual search becoming more and more popular among consumers.  


Analyse What (And What Not) To Keep


Before you get rid of every aspect of your company during your rebrand, you will need to analyse what is working and what is not working. You will likely keep your company name but might need to redesign the logo to make it fresh and modern. Keeping some elements of your brand is important to ensure continuity for a younger audience. 

If there are some aspects that already resonate with a younger audience, then it is wise to maintain these during your rebrand and digital marketing strategy. If there is anything that might not work well with your new branding, logo, and voice then it is better not to use these elements. An analysis of your current website and social media channels will tell you what is and what is not working in terms of audience reach and engagement. 


Invest In Innovation


Younger consumers are naturally drawn to brands that innovate. When rebranding, you should reconsider your digital marketing strategy to create one which is innovative, fresh, and on-brand. For example, if you are an online retailer, you could create short, silent videos that young consumers can watch while scrolling through Instagram without needing to use sound. 

A niche product does require niche thinking, which can translate into innovation in your marketing and branding. Innovation is one of the leading factors that drive audience engagement in Millennials and Generation Z, so be sure to spend some time on this aspect of your campaign. A new, updated logo or a website that provides an engaging experience are both part of an innovative rebranding. 


Talk The Talk…


…and walk the walk. Being authentic with your rebrand is vital, as the younger generation craves and demands authenticity from brands they support. Be true to your message, vision, and mission and you will soon see younger consumers drawn into your business or company. 

If you would like to rebrand your business or are looking for s refreshed website, contact the NetMechanic team and let us help you improve your brand message, analyse your issues, and boost your online presence.