The holidays are once again over and most of us are relieved, somewhat exhausted and excited. And just like most other things, you need to organise your social media and get ready for a brand new year, new customers and exciting challenges. Here are a few tips to help you organise your social media effectively.


If you haven’t had time to spend on your social media profiles you might need to filter through tons of new content, friends and followers to get to what you want to see. This might also be a good time to clean up your profiles – see who your new friends and follower are, look at what they had to say and save important posts and updates so that you can access or read it later on.

Sign up for a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Create folders to organise your content and divide them into categories like images, posts and quotes. This will allow you to access your content from anywhere and also create and share documents with friends or other members of your team.

If you run a personal blog or manage content on behalf of a company, make sure that you have an editorial calendar. This will allow you to schedule your content and plan your posts in advance. Once you’ve sorted through all your social media posts, news items and interesting stories, you can start to plan your content and divide them into weekly or monthly themes and add daily topics to write about.

Social media is a fast-moving platform and sharing content is instant. However, if you manage a social media on behalf of a company you need to know what you want to share, in advance. Plan your updates and make sure that your followers and friends will receive your updates immediately.

What is your focus with social media? Do you use Facebook and Twitter for personal use or do you represent a company? This will determine your focus. You might just want to stay connected to friends or family, or you want to boost your brand visibility and grow your audience over time. Your focus will help to determine your success.

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