So, in our previous edition we discussed onsite optimisation and why we optimise your websites HTML code so that your website is search engine friendly. Now what’s next? What about offsite optimisation? And what on earth IS offsite optimisation? The idea with offsite optimisation is to create an online marketing strategy for your company and the focus is to get your website out there and visible in the vast expanse of the World Wide Web.

Sitting back with your perfectly optimised website is not going to reap any benefits. There are a few things you yourself can do as a business owner or you can get the experts on the job … experts like us.

Getting interactive with your users is one way of exposing your brand and product. How do you do this? There are various ways and we will go through some of them. The most important thing to remember here is that getting interactive with your users is the only way to get users to come back for more. If you have nothing interesting on your website and it stays the same a user will not be interested to browse back to your website.

How do we get interactive?

1.    Update the content on your website regularly. There is nothing more boring than a website that never changes. If you are merely using your website as a brochure site, start blogging! It makes sense that if you are blogging and blogging well that you are going to get more traffic coming your way. However, you want to be sure that you are blogging about something that you have a strong passion for; a great blog cannot just be written for the sake of writing. You want to blog because you want to share your knowledge and passion for whatever it is you are blogging about … right? It takes a while to get into the swing of it but it certainly has many benefits. If you are not the writing type though you can get a professional to do it for you like us, our passions lie in writing and creating interesting info that will tickle your audiences fancy. Either way … start getting interactive, whichever way you chose to go.

2.    Social networking … whether you love or hate Facebook!! Or give me a tweet!Social Networking has taken us to a completely new level when looking at online marketing and getting your brand out there. The thing is … even if you aren’t an avid Facebook and Twitter user … there are millions of people out there … your potential clients …  that DO LOVE Facebook as well as Twitter and they spend lots of time on these networks. It is the perfect platform to be seen.  We have proven that when we update our status on FB the hits to our website dramatically increase. And we have only touched the tip of the proverbial ice-berg that we call Facebook today. You can run online campaigns via Facebook, run competitions and keep your audience updated with status updates. All these things can be beneficial to your business.

3.    Inbound links to your websiteGoogle is currently the top search engine used by internet users.  As complex as it can be with its algorithms and ranking criteria I find it absolutely fascinating. It actually makes logical sense when you start digging into how it works and why your website comes up where it does when someone searches your keywords. Google has devised ways of sifting through the junk so that the real companies with genuine business and products to offer come out at the top. One such way is the voting system for inbound links. If you have a link on another website pointing to your website and that website has a high page rank with Google it is seen as a vote of confidence and counts in your favour and in turn over time will influence your page rank. Therefore, creating links to your website from high page ranking websites and websites that are relevant to your business can be beneficial to your online presence. The idea is that you create a network of relevant websites which in turn creates a stronger structure for Google to look at. You are not a stand alone in the World Wide Web. So start networking yourself today.

Remember if you cannot do it yourself … ask the experts to help you build something valuable for your company. It’s what we love to do. So we do it well.