When we think about social media, often the first thought that comes to mind is “Facebook”. And, while this is not an incorrect idea, there are a wide variety of social media platforms and social media apps that are available to the market today. Almost all of these platforms can be leveraged for impressive marketing strategies for your business. 

You should be investing in social media marketing to improve your online presence. The advantages of social media can be seen in almost every industry, from selling mushroom compost to offering luxury tours of South Africa. There is so much more to social media than simply sharing an image or post and seeing how many people “Like” or “Share” it. It can be used to grow a small business and help an established brand to reach a wider audience. 

If you are interested in making use of social media marketing, keep reading below for some helpful information. 


Social Networks


Social networks are becoming more and more popular among users, and some of the most used social media networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. People use these networks to connect with each other as well as brands and companies that they enjoy purchasing from or making use of. 

These platforms help us to connect with family, friends, and even colleagues. Each one encourages knowledge sharing and human-to-human interaction. Social networks can be thought of as “Jacks of all trades”, as they allow users to share thoughts, curate content, upload photographs and videos, and participate in discussions. 

But, how can this benefit your business?

  • Use ads to reach your target audience: Advertisements can be tailored according to a diverse array of demographics, thanks to the many thousands of different users of these networks.  
  • Network with industry experts: By using LinkedIn for professional networking, you can connect with others in your industry and even develop business partnerships this way. 
  • Perform customer research: You are also able to perform research on customer demographics and preferences by looking at analytics on these platforms. 


Social networks might seem like something that Millennials and Generation Z use on a daily basis, but they can help you to connect and resonate with your audience. 


Media Sharing Networks


Some media sharing networks operate in a similar fashion to social media networks, but one of the main differences is that these networks focus on sharing images and video more than written content. These platforms include Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube and sites such as Imgur. 

Media sharing networks allow users to create, curate, and share images with other users of the platforms. On some of these platforms, such as Pinterest, the public can easily access your account and shared images while on others, such as Instagram and Snapchat, you need to be following or be friends with those you would like to share images with. 

By now you are thinking, how can sharing images help my business?

  • User-generated content is encouraged: Brands these days are not only relying on their own teams for content, they are asking fans and consumers to generate content by taking a photograph with a product in order to create more brand awareness. 
  • Find the right audience: There is a good chance that not everyone will like or enjoy your business, but by using platforms such as Instagram, you can find the right audience of people who are interested in becoming customers. These users will like and share your images more than others. 

If you have a photogenic product or business, then making use of media sharing networks can help to encourage consumer interaction on a new and exciting level. 


Community Blogging Sites


By now you are probably aware of how important blogging is to your business. And you most likely have a blog on your business website, but you can also make use of community blogging sites to reach a wider audience. These platforms include Medium and Tumblr and are useful for those who might not have the time to run a blog on their own business website. 

Community blogging sites allow users to write and share their content with interested readers. These sites also ensure that content is easy to find online, which is great for businesses that want to expand their online visibility. Users on both platforms are encouraged to create unique content, but with Medium, you are able to copy over current blog posts from your website and syndicate this content.

So, how can a community blog boost your business?

  • Build your brand voice: You might know what your brand image is, even your brand colours, but developing your brand voice can be very tricky. These community blogs can help you to experiment with different tones to see which one is popular and which is best suited to your audience and brand. 
  • Ability to syndicate content easily: Writing a blog on your business website is fantastic for search engine optimisation, but if hardly anyone is reading your blog, then is a bit like being a ship lost at sea. Using these community blogging platforms allows you to syndicate your content easily and effectively – most of the time, for free!


By making use of social media marketing, your business will soon blossom and grow to new and exciting heights. Contact NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you become more socially visible.