‘Shiloh – Community in Action’ has always been an initiative very dear to the hearts of everyone at NetMechanic.

We are passionate about education and the upliftment of underprivileged communities.  Therefore investing in, and donating towards the Shiloh project was seen as a great opportunity to sow into the future of children who possess heaps of potential.

By developing projects that are targeted at addressing the needs that emerge as growing problems within the community. Shiloh aims to uplift the poorer communities within the Western Cape. These projects are managed with integrity, ensuring that the community benefits greatly. The donors also gain a sense of great pride and satisfaction!

NetMechanic Giving Back

Shiloh has been one of our very first clients since we had opened our doors in 2008. Knowing that it would contribute greatly to the growth of this influential initiative, we decided to lend a hand.

We found great joy in giving back to the community by building their website, doing their photography and donating it to them.

Shiloh’s vision is to reach one million disadvantaged children by providing them with excellent education. About 4 million children under the age of 7 in South Africa are not attending pre-schools.  This places them at a great disadvantage at the start of their formal schooling career.

Shiloh caters for these children between the ages of 3-6 years who fall under this category.  They are enrolled and cared for at the Jubilee Excellence Schools across the country.

Teachers at the Jubilee Excellence Schools are recruited from the community where the school is based.  The majority of the teachers are previously unemployed ladies. These teachers also go through a thorough, 10-week training and preparation program before entering the classroom.

Apart from uplifting disadvantaged communities, the Shiloh initiative enriches the lives of not only the children, but provides employment and a sense of purpose for the teachers in their growing careers.

If you too feel like doing something great to help others, feel free to donate gifts or cash towards this NPO. You may be confident in the fact that your donation will be invested in the lives of young children who, with your help, have the potential to go out and achieve great things in the world!