Social Media Management

We can assist with all Social Media Channels

Social Media Management Company in South Africa

The social marketing arena can be quite an overwhelming space. We focus on rescuing you from the clutter, disorganization and daunting aspects that are often experienced from trying your hand at social media marketing. Our role focuses on helping the online and offline entrepreneur stay focused on his/her projects, where the tedious work can be left to us.

We handle everything from researching, setting up accounts, handling comments and feedback, monthly reports, paid advertising campaigns and targeting your market.
Social media is a powerful tool for any business.

Services range from setup to strategic planning and implementation.

  • Social Media Profile Setups
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Channel Research
  • Channel Integration
  • Content Strategy
  • Posting and comments
  • Reporting
  • Paid Advertising which will run in conjunction with any Google Adwords Campaigns


Social Media

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Why you need social media marketing for your business.

  • Develop Systems
    We will sit down with each individual client and help develop systems that will work for them. You may need information researched and we have the ability to help with this aspect.
  • Status Updates
    Content is researched via blogs and articles that may pertain to your niche with updated posts. Too often, this is where the overwhelming feeling can occur. It is almost impossible to do all the research and maintain your business. We can help to save you time and boost your marketing.
  • Application Investigation
    The age of technology is ever changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest gadget that can help you with your social media success. We investigate the different tools available that may apply to the different social media outlets. Depending on the client’s business, some may or may not work and instead of doing the trial and error themselves, we can do it for them.
  • Determine the Best Platforms
    As a fast paced client, you may enjoy Twitter, but will be missing out on a large avenue or potential on Facebook or Linked In. We can monitor your profiles on other outlets to help expand the exposure that is necessary in the online world. The same applies to the offline business that is trying to get more exposure online via the social media platforms.
  • We do all the digging and research so you don’t have to
    In essence, social media management will take all the headaches off your shoulders. We will partner with you and help you with all the technological aspects that you may or may not have time to learn.