If anyone has been keeping an eye on what has been happening in the world of tech companies lately they would have noticed a very clear trend. More and more large companies are starting to move into other markets once rules by other large companies.

Recently Microsoft unveiled their Surface tablet that will be competing with the Apple iPad and various Android devices. This might not seem like a big shift at first glance, but when a company as large as Microsoft, who have mainly been dominating the world of software, enters the hardware game things get interesting. Clearly they would like a slice of the proverbial pie by releasing their own designed and manufactured device, while allowing other companies like Nokia, HTC and Samsung to build devices using their software. In the last few days Google have extended their hardware reach by not only releasing their tablet but also their very own media player and entertainment system. Google have even gone one step further by bridging a divide between technology and fashion accessories with Project Glass.

All of this tech movement ties very well with a previous blog article we wrote about unified technology and how we not only interact with the world around us but how we manage data.

So for all the tech hungry geeks out there, hold on tight because things are going to become very interesting.