The online world is moving forward at an incredible pace, and many businesses and brands who don’t stay on top of things are feeling the pressure of it.

True innovation however doesn’t come from just following the pack and keeping up but rather looking past what is the now and thinking of ways to shape the future. One way of doing this is looking at how people are accessing information and how they want to use it.

So we at NetMechanic would like to give you a few pointers on what we feel the future of digital behaviour holds.

  • Explore outside of your field or industry for new ideas. One of the biggest way companies limit themselves today is that they only keep an eye on their own fields. Look beyond your market to find new ways of tackling universal issues. You might have more in common with another field than you might think.
  • Don’t get trapped in your comfort zone. Try out new products or services everything that comes out if you have to, even if they don’t relate to your market. It might teach you to think outside the box in your field and help you to come up with innovative ideas.
  • Don’t only follow the popular opinion. It is very easy getting caught up in what the majority of people are saying about your company and/or brand. Also remember to spend time looking at the more obscure opinions about your company, good and bad.
  • Think of the user when you plan a project. Always look at your project planning from multiple points of view, not everyone works or thinks the same. Sometimes we tend to over think a project in the pursuit of making it a technical masterpiece while overlooking who will be using it.