Our daily lives are filled with stress, which is especially true of today’s always-on digital world. But, you likely already knew that. What is important is how you choose to deal with this stress. Too often, people will try to continue working while feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but this can be dangerous to your physical and mental health. 

You need to take part in stress relief activities in order to create balance in your life. These stress relief techniques do not need to be complicated or difficult, but you should feel more at ease and calmer after performing one or two of them. So, if you are feeling stressed and frazzled, read on below to find a stress relief method that works for you. 


 Always Be Prepared


Some of the main causes and drivers of stress are feelings of unpreparedness and having irrational expectations. But, you can allay these feelings by preparing for each day ahead of you on the previous day. When days do not unfold as planned, we often become anxious or stressed but if we have prepared the day before, this can help to prevent these feelings. 

You should take some time every day to plan out the following day or even the rest of the week. For example, you can spend an hour or two every Sunday evening planning the following days of the week. This will help you to feel more prepared and will give you a clearer idea of what is expected of you from Monday to Friday. Feeling in control can help to significantly reduce the amount of stress you are feeling on a daily basis. 


Repeat Your Mantra


A mantra is a phrase or a word that you can use to help to feel calm, cool, and collected. It does not have to be a religious or spiritual mantra, but it should be meaningful to you. If you feel yourself becoming more stressed and anxious, you can repat your mantra out loud or in your mind until you feel calm again. 

Your mantra should always be positive rather than negative, as this will help you to relieve your stress and feel better about a situation. For example, you could repeat the phrase, “Everything will be okay” during stressful situations. If you are able to customise your workspace, you could write a sticky note with your mantra or have it printed and framed to keep close by to look at and repeat when you need it the most. 


Embrace Exercise


Now, exercise might be the absolute last thought in your mind when you are feeling stressed but it is a well-known fact that exercise can help with relieving mental and physical stress. By exercising regularly, you will find that you feel less stressed and that your health is improved. This is because of the various hormones that are released and controlled by exercise. 

The hormones that can be controlled by exercise include cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone and is one of the causes of feeling anxious and stressed. Exercise also helps to release endorphins, which are known for helping to improve your mood as well as acting as natural painkillers. Exercise does not have to be intense or sweat-inducing, and a good choice for stress-releasing exercise is yoga or pilates


Choose Healthy Snacks


Stress can affect more than just your mood, it can affect your appetite too. When we are stressed, many of us tend to eat more and choose unhealthy foods, such as deep-fried, sugary treats. These foods will also have a negative effect on your physical health, leading to possible weight gain and other physical ailments. 

You should choose natural, healthy food, such as vegetables, fruits, and good fats. You can do this by packing work lunches every day that include a variety of good foods, such as a tuna salad with baby spinach, rosa tomatoes, celery, and avocado. Healthy snacks can include biltong, nuts, and even boiled eggs. Eating foods that fill you properly will eliminate your craving for a sugary snack when you feel stressed or anxious. 


Write Down Your Worries


Many people kept a journal as a child but stopped this process as they grew older. But, diarising your thoughts, fears, and concerns can help you to feel calmer and more in control of your feelings. By writing down what has been worrying you, you can examine these concerns and see which are valid and which might be irrational. 

You can create a list each day or each week of what has been worrying you and go over it carefully, removing items that are not in your control that could be exacerbating your stress. Writing itself is therapeutic and cathartic, allowing you to reflect on your day and look back on the negative as well as the positive things that happened. 


Destress And Live Better


Living a healthier life means that you need to limit your amount of stress and stressors. You can start off by spending time preparing your day or week ahead fo time so you are prepared for the week, repeating your mantra when you feel anxious or overwhelmed, and embracing exercise and healthy snacks. 

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