Gone are the days of playing hide and seek with your clients.  Social media platforms have eliminated the communication gap between businesses and their target audience, bringing with it immediate response and relationship building tools as well as targeted marketing opportunities.  Naturally we are delighted to announce that NetMechanic has embraced these platforms to include social media capabilities and internet marketing campaigns (PPC) together with our varied existing offerings.

Today social media has become an intricate part of all online businesses.  Just a short few years ago, social media was non-existent, yet today we could not see ourselves without it.  One thing is for sure, if you are not active on at least one or two social platforms, you are gambling with your business.  Social media is not a maybe, but a must have for all serious businesses.

Through NetMechanic’s social media management offering you will be able to discover highly targeted customers, interact with current clients, measure ROI, optimize your social outreach and establish a social voice/brand for your business.  Every company has a Facebook page these days, but surprisingly few have a real online personality.  NetMechanic will focus on building lasting relationships and solid brands uniquely developed for each customer.

Social Media Marketing Management Services that we offer Include:

  • Overall Social Media Marketing Strategic Consulting, Implementation and Maintenance
  • In House Social Media Marketing
  • Social Networking Platform Setup, including Design and Development
  • Social Media Community Outreach Programs
  • Online Brand Management
  • Online Marketing Campaigns including Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • SEO Consulting on social platforms

We also have exciting social media workshops in the pipeline – watch this space for details.
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