Happy Customers.

Delene Kleyn

“Dear NetMechanic Manager and staff,

Thank you so much, for the new Shiloh Web that was launched yesterday.

By the reaction we got from all over and the beautiful web you created with simple functionality we can only say we are more than pleased.

Thank you for all the time and effort you spend on us to finalise everything to perfection.

All we want to say is well done on an excellent piece of work. You are truly masters in your field.

A big thank you from the Shiloh team.

We can recommend you to whoever might be interested. 



Delene Kleyn
Admin/ Marketing, Shiloh

Doris Peters

“Innovus has launched a completely revamped website with the help of Netmechanic in 2017 and we could not be any happier with the way the site has turned out! The Innovus website was a labour of love and we could not have done this without the professional guidance and help of the Netmechanic team. Their team took our old website with pretty much-outdated graphics and transformed it into a super modern and professional website design.   When I met with them to discuss the project, I was immediately impressed with how easy they are to communicate with—just real, down to earth, believable people that do not talk over your head with all the tech jargon. They listened and spent ample time understanding our business, our processes and importantly, who is our clients.  They made sure that our site layout was appropriate and user-friendly.

We loved working with Netmechanic so much that we have recommended them for all our new and upcoming spin-out companies and will be working with them closely for our brand new electronic newsletter.”


Doris Peters
Stellenbosch University

Pieter Jacobs

There are so many factors that are considered when launching a new website. While cost was a major consideration for us, we have reached a point where our online needs have outgrown the organisation’s digital platform at the time. Not only was NetMechanic’s offering affordable, it is a one-stop-shop.

They have had a major impact on the Arts & Culture Trust’s data management processes and procedures. NetToolBox, their operating dashboard, is user-friendly and the responsive design capabilities that allow our beneficiaries to access our website on their mobiles was a major selling point.

NetMechanic also launched a bespoke blog website for the Trust, which now forms an integral part of our communications strategy.


Pieter Jacobs
Owner, The Arts and Culture Trust

Irshad Motala

Netmechanic designed an extremely professional website for us with modern aesthetics. In fact, we could not be any happier with the completely revamped website which they delivered.

They got our site to do just what we wanted, by taking our old website (with an outdated design and poor programming) and transforming it into a modern and client friendly website. Their team spent hours talking with us via e-mail, phone and Skype.

Their dedication ensured the site layout met our requirements fully. In the end, we have noticed an increase in client satisfaction when browsing our website. We highly recommend Netmechanic for any business and will no doubt be doing business with them in the future.

Thank you!


Irshad Motala
Chief Executive Officer
Lex Outsource &
Legal Research Solutions

Prof. M. Faadiel Essop

“I was highly impressed with Netmechanic’s excellent work and professional website design service provided.  The initial, planning sessions were done in a very relaxed and helpful manner and the creativity and design inputs by the Netmechanic team were of the highest order.

We are delighted with the final product delivered and highly endorse the design service provided by Netmechanic, an excellent choice when considering either the construction of a new website or the remodelling of an existing one.  Highly recommended!”


Prof. M. Faadiel Essop FCVS  |  PhD  |
Professor: Physiological Sciences
Professor: Fisiologiese Wetenskappe
Faculty of Science  |  Fakulteit  Natuurwetenskappe

Waldi Van Schalkwyk

Thank you for creating the best looking website for my business.
I am feeling proud to make people google my website. Its a perfect representation of who and what Doclink offers and who we are.
Netmechanic’s team is brilliant and always makes time to understand and listen to your requests and then on top of that have the tendency to over-deliver 🙂
I am very happy with my experience with Netmechanic.

JP is very detailed and always make sure that he understand your request. Garth is just brilliant in developing and exploring with new ideas, the design team is just amazing in what they do and also very quick and efficient.
To me delivering within the time frame is very important and they surely delivered on point.

Netmechanic is one of the few companies where service delivery is still very important to them.
THANK YOU for the great work team Netmechanic.


Waldi Van Schalkwyk
Owner and Founder

Esther Kritzinger

“NetMechanic offers great service and the website is done very professionally with a unique layout and high functionality. It is easy to use and lends good support to the structure in our organization. We will confidently recommend NetMechanic to anyone.”


Esther Kritzinger
Administrative Officer:
Devision of Research @ Stellenbosch University

Tanya Markovic

THANK YOU! We just wanted to take a moment to say ‘Thank you ‘ to Netmechanic team for doing a wonderful job redesigning our website! We couldn’t be happier with the result and absolutely in love with our new site. It’s been a pleasure working with you. We were very impressed with high quality service provided in a timely and professional manner and incredibly reasonable fees.You guys ROCK!


Tanya Markovic
Marketing Manager

Shaun Kennard

My perception of the web development world has changed and Garth has only himself and his loyal colleagues to blame for my constant and loyal support to him and NetMechanic. I will not use anyone else for the foreseeable future.


Christopher Muller

It has been a pleasure contracting and working with Net Mechanic to develop our website: www.vuna-africa.com. Netmechanic provides good value for money: a clear description of services to be rendered, comparable service costs and a proven track record of developing high quality websites and content for clients. Netmechanic staff are friendly, approachable and have a very helpful and problem-solving attitude during troubleshooting and testing phases.


Christopher Muller
Communications Manager:
Adam Smith International

In today’s day and age having zero web presence is like going to war with the best artillery but no ammunition. Having said that, Garth Howard and his team develop my footprint and created my presence to the rest of the world. I have been working with Garth for over 10 years now and have got to know him personally, he will make every moment count for us to further a discussion about my website.

My brand and product is situated in a very competitive market and thanks to NetMechanic we hit the ground running with too many leads. Garth would work ridiculous hours to learn and understand the education space and pilot many tests on my site. This today is working in good stead for NetMechanic.

I will highly recommend Garth and his team to assist with any website development work and or website redesign.


Dimitrios Ladielis
Managing Director, College SA

Creative problem solving and flexibility coupled with excellent technical ability are characteristic of the staff at NetMechanic. No matter how complex our needs, there is a commitment to delivering solutions on time and to the client’s satisfaction.

Having a functional yet aesthetically pleasing website is within our reach since our association with Netmechanic. I can thoroughly recommend their service.

Thank you!


Deon van Wyk

Thank you for your highly competent, professional and very friendly input on the development of our Web. The look-and-feel, lay-out and functionalities are crucial to first impressions when entering a shop and even more so when accessing a Web. We know our “shop” will create very favourable first impressions, are therefore very proud of it and justifiably very grateful for your highly skilled aesthetic and technical input.

The fact that we provided you with photos of three very attractive people (I know you think one only) off course made it much easier for you and to my opinion justifies a discount (just a joke). In all honesty and sincerity: thank you to you and your team. It is not only the outcome that we are proud of; we also have very good memories of working with you. For these two reasons we will always strongly recommend NetMechanic.

All the best.

Kind regards



Deon van Wyk

Grant Markey

Working with Netmechanic  means that what you want to get done, get’s done! The service is professional at all times and the responses are quick. There has never been a time when they have not reacted to a problem or a service requirement with speed and efficiency.  They took our old website with outdated layout, graphics, fonts, etc., and transformed it into a modern and  attractive site.

Their team is a perfect mix of left and right brains and their customer service is prompt and efficient. We benefited greatly from their advice and experience in website design and content management. Highly recommended!

Kind regards

Grant Markey


Grant Markey
Tailwind Nutrition South Africa


“Dear NetMechanic-team thank you for excellent service and guidance on our web site.

Since Shiloh contacted NetMechanic to develop a new website for us in 2008, we experienced personal attention which meant a lot to us as an NPC. The professional product we received speaks of the teams level of expertise and knowledge in a very competing market.

The attention and assistance we got from the team over the years developed into a relationship that we honour and cherish. We are handled as a worthy customer and not just as a number and a job to be done.

To top it all – service is always with a smile and a wonderful attitude no matter how difficult us as a customer can be… We want to thank you and bless you for your professional and friendly conduct at all times.

We are sold out to you lovely people at the other side of town – you are stuck with us for many moons to come…

We are looking forward to the new website on hand.

Regards and warm blessings”

The Shiloh-team


A big Thank You! to the Netmechanic team for all their effort putting our Star Spitbraai Website together which we are very proud of!

The continuous support, as well as after-sales service, are excellent – always willing to assist and walk the extra mile.

We even receive feedback from our own clients on how happy they are to make use of our website from placing the order through to making payment via Payfast!

JP, Riaan, Garth, Taryn and the rest of Netmechanic Team, you guys are great!! 

Looking forward to keep building this solid, mutual beneficial relationship with your team.

Star Spit Braai


The NetMechanic team has truly disrupted the market with the website and marketing they have provided for us.

Our website reflects our brand to the letter and since it was launched, we have been extremely busy! Their marketing, SEO, and Google Ads efforts have grown our online presence and brought in more website traffic and clients than ever before.

Thank you NetMechanic for your continuous hard work to grow our business!

Nazeem & Natheema Hendriks
Owners, Fair Cape Shuttles


Great service, swift work, and a well-rounded & enthusiastic development team that resolves any problem that arises. Our project was time-sensitive- all deadlines were met and/or exceeded.

Cristian Robuschi
Plenum Express

I have been cheated and given less then what I paid for from another so-called IT person, then I stumbled upon Garth and his team at Netmechanic.

They helped and guided me through my experience and even advised on new strategies for marketing after they set up my online store. The edits were endless because I had no idea where I was going but they held my hand and did not pressure me to finish so they could get paid. 
I feel like I found a friend in Garth who allows me to text him any time of day to give advice and help me sort out my insecurities. 
I found that not only does the web page bring credibility but also helps me reach clients far out of my region.
I recommend the team at NetMechanic and would give all future related business to them. 
Because your website is your presence online and credibility is priceless! 

Sarfaraaz Mukuddem
Earth Only