Like any business owner, you likely do not have the time to worry about attractive graphics for your social media channels or newsletters. Your concern is that your business function smoothly and that your online presence is maintained, which is why you should turn to a Canva graphic design company for your graphic design needs. 

When you invest in a Canva graphic design company you will be reaping several benefits, including saving time and money. Canva provides access to a diverse array of fonts, visuals, images, gifs, charts, and even animations. These can all be sued by the graphic design company to create stunning social media posts, informative infographics, and even custom newsletters. 

Not sure if this is right for you? Below we take a look at the benefits of using a Canva graphic design company.


Very Versatile


One of the major benefits of hiring a design company that uses Canva is that it is a hugely versatile platform. It offers access to numerous different content types, such as social media banners, newsletters, email marketing templates, and even letterheads. Any Canva graphic design company will be able to use these to design the perfect marketing materials for your business, without having to spend too much time and money on the process of designing the materials. 


Save Time And Money


Another important benefit of Canva is that it can help you and your graphic design agency save on time and money. Many of the elements used in the designs are free, which will mean your graphic design budget is lower, and the application has an easy-to-use interface. This interface will help your Canva graphic design company to save time on your design, ensuring that it is completed by your deadline. If the company uses paid design elements, these are highly affordable and will not eat into your budget. 


Creative Collaboration


Canva makes it easy for you and the design company to collaborate on the designs. You can ask for comments or open to edit the design, allowing you to give feedback on the exact elements you think need to be changed. Your team can collaborate and provide feedback to the designers without the need to have hundreds of back-and-forth emails. You can also edit the design yourself to see the changes in real time and let your design team know what you prefer. 


Use Your Own Images


Many times, graphic designers need to use free stock images for a design, and while there is usually no problem with this, you might prefer to have your own images for the designs. This will set your visual content apart from the crowd and make your brand more memorable, and Canva does not have any set image size rules, meaning you can simply upload the image and start creating. Your images can be resized, cropped, and framed to create the perfect content, allowing the Canva graphic design company to use them for multiple designs. 


Editing Is Easy


With a Canva graphic design company, there is no difficulty in jumping back into a design once you give them changes or edits. The file can easily be reopened and your changes made, without any added hassle that other editing programs might have. Along with this editing, the design team can also copy images and designs to create custom templates for your social media platforms or printed media. Your projects can be delivered on time and changed as needed. 


Convenient Cloud Storage


With the cloud-based storage feature of Canva, your Canva graphic design company can share direct links with you so you can see the designs and make your own edits. This is beneficial because you will not need to take up space on your hard drive, but can simply edit and store the images within Canva itself. Cloud storage also means that both you and the graphic design team have access to the design without the need to share documents or grant access to anything. 


Choose Canva


A Canva graphic design company can help immensely to create unique, relevant, and valuable visual content for your consumers. It is a highly versatile platform, can help to save you time and money, and allows you to collaborate easily and effectively with the design team. You can also use your own images, which can help to improve brand awareness and recognition. 

If you would like to reap the benefits of using a Canva graphic design company for your business, contact NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.