What is E-commerce?

Electronic commerce is commonly known as E-Commerce. It is an industry where selling and buying of a service or product is conducted electronically over the Internet.

E-Commerce allows consumers to exchange goods and services electronically and without any hassle. There are no limits. Time zones and distance is often a barrier to businesses, with E-Commerce businesses eliminate those barriers.

The use of E-Commerce websites has increased rapidly over the past five years and is sure to continue at this rate.

Why should a business go E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is a quick, convenient and effective global marketing tool for products and services online. All products are available online, a wider audience could be reached and the online revenue could grow endlessly. An E-Commerce website can act as a 24/7, silent sales person.

Businesses reach customers around the world with E-Commerce and provide valuable information about their business, products and services. Time zones and the distance between the store and the customer do not bind these businesses; this will grow the customer base excessively.

The benefits of an E-Commerce website

  • Businesses can reach customers around the world
  • Provide valuable information about the business
  • Expand customer base
  • Products and services are always available, the store never close
  • Increase visibility through search engine marketing
  • Pay less in advertising and marketing fees
  • Pay no office rental and maintenance
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Collection of customer data

Be one step ahead of your competitors, go E-Commerce!