Tips on How To Drive More Fans To Your Facebook Page

Brands are actively leveraging Facebook fan pages in order to find more innovative ways to grow their businesses.  Many business owners who are looking to maximize social marketing opportunities find that driving new traffic to their Facebook fan pages is often a daunting task as it requires a continuous creative injection. We have provided some ideas on how you can firstly get more fans to your page and secondly, influence your fans from merely being brand observers to full-blown brand evangelists.

1.       Appeal to Your Fans Needs to Belong

It’s very easy to be passive on Facebook so if you want somebody to associate themselves to your brand, you need to create a strong value proposition that will make your potential fans feel like they’re missing out on something by NOT being part of your community. A good way to do this is to amplify your current activity to create excitement and hype. Make tagging part of your fans daily interaction with you as doing this helps to spread your brand and keeps you top of mind.

2.       Appeal to Opinion Leaders

Every group has opinion leaders who are typically characterized for being responsible for change, for leading on topical issues, for creating enthusiasm and spreading a specific message. It’s crucial to engage with these individuals and get them to become advocates for your brand. Carefully select the major players and send them messages thanking them for their support and then further motivate to them that you need their continuous support. It’s crucial to make them feel important and like they’re on the cutting edge of what they’re doing. These types of influencers usually have a large following on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

3.       Ensure You Offer Exclusive Content

If you want to get the attention of new fans, you need to offer content that is updated regularly and provides information that your fans would be likely to share because of its newsworthy appeal. If possible, try to create exclusive content that only gets published on your Facebook page entailing the sharing of links, news updates or insightful research that isn’t already duplicated on your blog or website. This becomes a valuable incentive for fans to like your page and follow it.

4.       Don’t Miss Opportunities Where You Can Promote Your Facebook Page For Free

There are a number of ways you can ensure that your Facebook page is worth visiting and “liking”. If you’ve created online content, insert a link to your Facebook page about it and use this whenever it’s appropriate. If you’re a guest blogger, ask the blog owner if they could introduce you to their readers including links to your Facebook pages. Another useful method is to add a link to your email signature line. Additionally add this to anything you e-mail out to site or blog followers, such as e-books, newsletters and updates.