This week we will look at the most neglected part of web design.  Accessibility should be considered as part of every web development project in order to reach the widest possible audience, but is more than often overlooked.

Accessibility relates to the ability of the internet user to successfully view content on your website, but also incorporates other factors such as different devices, structures, browsers and catering to a wider audience.

This goes without saying, but your website should function on all different browsers, so make sure you test before going live. Utilize bold headlines, text and links that allow for quick scanning in addition to simplified navigation and make sure that all the points of contact works perfectly.

Your site should be accessible to users with disabilities. Studies show that 1/5 of the population has a disability which results in quite a large chunk of missed opportunities.

Here are some tools to assess your website’s accessibility:

You will at times have to sacrifice some accessibility in order to communicate your website effectively, but for the majority of times, the above guidelines should get you on your way to an easier accessible website.