What Are Local Online Business Directories?


These are online directories which you can use much the same as the Yellow Pages – except you are online.  Each of these business directories have hundreds and thousands of businesses listed for your perusal and research.
Gone are the days of searching alphabetically through a big yellow book for business information.  With just a quick click of a button and a short command, everything is at your fingertips.  Driving business at a local level and having your details available to prospective clients is imperative.

On the various platforms you can have essential information listed for your potential clients:

*  Business Name
*  Contact Details
*  Business Address
*  Website Address
*  Social Media Links
*  Business Logo
*  Unique Selling Points

Some of them even let you add keywords directly linking your business to their search results on the online business directory!

Online Business Directories are usually categorized according to industry and key information about different businesses in a local area. With more and more people searching online for businesses, answers and ideas, it makes perfect sense to ensure you are listed on the best online business directory websites in South Africa.


Benefits of Listing Your Business with Online Business Directories


Boosts your Local SEO – Online business directories have high domain authority. Therefore, they are more likely to appear higher in search results on Google and search engines.  Having your company listed on various business directories increases the SEO results. This means your business will appear more frequently, and then hopefully your website too!

Backlinking – These contribute to the impact on a website’s popularity for search engine results.  You are creating more brand awareness and your business will come across as more trusted and reputable through Google’s filtering process.

Online Presence – By having your business listed on the various business directory platforms, you are increasing your brand awareness. Even if somebody isn’t looking for what your company offers now, they may see your listing and remember you for the future!

Brand visibility – Keeping your details up to date on business directories will increase your brand visibility. Wherever possible add your logo, and any other unique information you have available onto the directories. Let your potential clients know what you can do and how you can help them!

Improve your business’s reputation – The more your business is found, the more trusted it becomes!


Here are our easy to use Top 6 Business Directories in South Africa:



By adding your profile to www.hotfrog.co.za and keeping your profile up-to-date, you will be promoting yourself to a huge online audience. After verification, you can add images, a logo, opening hours and more, to your profile.



Freefind is an online business directory which allows you to list your South African Business for free. Having a business listing on FreeFind means that South Africans can view and share their experiences with the wider community. Continuously improving, Freefind aims to be a great visual business directory listing service that will enhance your brand.



Entrepo is your business, tech, news, food and everything in between website. Providing you with the best articles straight from around South Africa. To add your business listing on their directory is completely free.


Active Web

ActiveWeb is a relatively new online business directory. They offer free and premium business listings options such as featured/highlighted listings at very low prices.

active web


Brabys.com – the most comprehensive online business directory of Southern Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands. In partnership with Ananzi, South Africa’s top search engine has managed to increase the usage of directories, therefore, putting Braby’s at the top of the industry.


Best Directory

You can advertise an unlimited number of businesses on Best Directory. Thousands of potential customers who use the directory each month will be able to find you.



If you would like NetMechanic to list your business on these free directories and increase your SEO presence, please get in touch!