Consumers are becoming increasingly connected to their social networks through an exploding online marketing eco-system that is evolving daily. It is especially noticeable how there’s a vast uptake of numerous tech devices that are being used simultaneously. The information rich age is less about devices becoming mobile and instead more about the distribution of messages that are generated with every online interaction.

1.       Interconnected Life

Reputable brands are recognizing how consumers are seeking a more seamless flow between their virtual and physical lifestyles and how their buying behavior is hugely dictated by technology. Consumers of all ages pursue to connect and engage with each other more effectively through computers, tablets and smartphones.

According to Euromonitor International’s Annual Study 2011:

  • 36% of respondents buy a physical item online at least once a month
  • As many as 45% of respondents read reviews of products or services online at least once per month.
  • 16% of respondents globally buy groceries online at least once per month, with only 8% doing so at least once per week
  • Global Online Retailing in Real Terms 2012

2.       Technology as a Lifestyle Organizer

There are a small number of consumers who prefer to completely disconnect from their tech devices, while the majority of others don’t have a problem with combining business and holiday trips. They find that technology compliments their lifestyle whether they are focused on business or leisure and makes them appreciate the daily benefits that they get from a variety of diverse apps. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are used as extensions of our real-world selves.

3.      Finding a Happy Medium with Technology

A large percentage of consumers are looking for choice, convenience and control from their digital world. Predictions from online marketing experts convey how 2012 is an exciting year for “search” growing layer of location-based applications fuse as “smart space”.