With the world being increasingly digital, providing a positive and unique customer experience can be extremely difficult. However, whether we like it or not, customers can make or break the success of a business, which is why you need to be a little creative when it comes to customer experience and user journey. 

You can improve your customer experience by investigating different avenues of digital marketing. For example, you could look into providing loyalty programmes to your customers, improve your social consciousness efforts to drive more interest, or you could increase your social media engagement to provide more immediate customer service.

If this all sounds a little too confusing, below we give simple tips for unique ways to improve customer experience. 


Look At Loyalty Programmes


A sure-fire way to improve customer experience is to offer a loyalty programme for your customers. And, while loyalty programmes have become common-place, you can make them exciting and different based on your business or industry. Successful loyalty programmes prioritise personalisation, based on customer data, to enhance the customer experience. 

 You could offer exclusive access to deals and new products as part of your loyalty programme, provide vouchers for products your customers have bought before, or simply stick to the tried and tested method of offering a discount after a certain number of purchases. Loyalty programmes will also draw in a specifically interested audience who want to buy your products or services. 


Soup Up Social Consciousness


Social consciousness is an important part of a customer experience, and you can improve yours with a few simple tips. Think about a position you want to take on an issue, such as raising funds for animal shelters, and be more vocal about it. Not only will you be shedding light on these issues, you will be building a deeper connection with your consumers. 

You could showcase how invested you are in sustainability, by changing your product packaging or going green in your offices. This social consciousness can help to showcase your values and resonate with those of your customers. Once they see that you have the same values, their customer experience will improve and they will be more likely to make purchases from your company or use your services. 


Embrace Social Media Engagement


If you’re not on social media today…well…you might as well be invisible. To improve your customer experience, you should embrace and enhance your social media marketing strategy and engagement. If you already have followers or fans, it is likely because they enjoy what you have to offer, so work off of this as a base and update your content marketing strategy. 

You can use amusing content to engage your users, such as tongue-in-cheek jokes about a pop-culture phenomenon or you can use this platform to highlight your company culture and values. Be sure to keep away from sharing offensive content and avoid all politically-based messages, in order to maintain a positive customer experience. 


Create Useful Content


There is saying in the digital marketing world that content is king, and this is not without merit. If you create relevant and valuable content for your consumers, not only will you be improving your search engine rankings, you will also be improving your customer experience and brand engagement. 

The content you create, whether it is written or visual, should be optimised with keywords relevant to your business, and it should be sharable and well-crafted. Be sure to look for topics that your customers are searching for, and that you can answer their questions. Content can also be shared on social media, building your engagement and helping customer experience improve. 


Perfect Personalisation


Personalisation in emails and for vouchers can go a long way to improving customer experience. You should look into personalising their experience, such as providing product suggestions based on their previous actions and purchases, or based on their social media actions, such as sharing specific news and content from your business page. 

Offering loyalty programmes using customer data can also provide personalised experiences as well as improve the brand engagement you are experiencing. Start by implementing a loyalty programme for your business, then move on to upping your social media engagement and social consciousness. You can also invest in useful content for your website and various platforms.

If you would like to boost your customer experience, speak to NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.