The current lockdown situation means that we will be dealing with social limitations, for a certain period at least. People will need to find new ways to stay connected, and social media is one of the easiest methods to do so. This is especially true for brands and marketers that want to continue engaging with their audiences. You will need to think of new ways to engage your audience. 

You should consider refreshing your social media marketing strategy to adapt to the current situation and continue engaging your audience. You could start using live streaming on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, or create ephemeral content on these platforms to keep your audience interested. Keeping your content relevant and valuable will also help to continue the engagement. 

Not sure how to use social media marketing successfully during lockdown? Below we give some helpful advice. 


Share Your Experiences 


Humanising your brand on social media is a fantastic way to engage your audience and drum up more excitement about your brand or business. Sharing personal stories of your staff is key to maximising engagement on social media, and you can even use this tactic on platforms such as LinkedIn.

You can share a post about what your staffs’ different workstations look like, or create a fun post about what you are all doing to keep fit during the lockdown. Asking questions about how to keep team morale up will also encourage more engagement, as you can get replies from your consumers and see how they engage with your posts. 


Go Live With Video Content


Live streaming has seen a massive influx in popularity over the past year, and during a lockdown period it can work wonders for your brand and business. For example, you could ask one employee a week to create a live streaming video of their working day or of how they are dealing with client problems while working from home. 

You could also do a Q and A session with your audience, as these have proven to be popular with even the most corporate of businesses. You could even have a session where you answer serious questions, which can be highly effective for law firms and financial institutions. During this period, people may not be able to get to your offices or might find it easier to ask questions on this platform. 


Practice Social Listening


If you want to maintain the relevancy of your content, you should look into practicing social listening on your social media platforms. What this means is that you will monitor your brand’s social media channels for any customer feedback, direct mentions, or discussions involving specific keywords, topics, and industries, and then perform an analysis on these insights as to what content you can produce.  

You can use the keywords and topics to improve the reach of your social media content, as well as to appear in the searches that your audience is performing. This will increase engagement and also help your SEO rankings to improve too, as these keywords are likely used in Google searches too. Social listening can easily be done using the analytical tools on Facebook and Instagram. 


Not Everything Has To Be About Work


Working from home in such unique circumstances is certainly a hot topic and can be used to create hyper-relevant content, but you should not focus solely on this aspect of your business at this time. You can discuss lessons learned as a business owner or share words of encouragement for those on the front-lines during this lockdown period. 

Be sure to avoid posting overly-personal information or sentiments, as you are still trying to drive engagement for your business and your services or products. By posting content about life-lessons and encouragement, your audience will see you as a brand that is conscious of the situation rather than as one trying to continue making a hard sell. 


Avoid Sharing News


Now, this might sound counterintuitive as your consumers are undoubtedly looking for information about the lockdown and about Covid-19, but with so much fake news being shared, it is best to avoid sharing anything that is not from a reliable source. This will protect your business from possibly sharing fake news, which could be detrimental to your reputation. 

You should rather focus on sharing your experiences during this period, creating video content and live streams that are relevant to your audience, and using social listening to create content based on what people are talking about and searching for. If you would like to improve your social media strategy during lockdown, contact NetMechanic today for more information.