video marketing

Good Marketing Starts With Inspiring Stories

Every brand has a story to tell. And using only words just isn’t going to cut it in today’s increasingly visual world. Consumers want stories that they can connect with, and videography is the perfect way to do just that!

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Video content can be used to solve problems

Our video marketing offering focuses on strategy, audience positioning, learning and engagement. We work together to align all video assets to our client’s core business objectives. 

In other words, video content can be used to solve problems and contribute to vital business processes.

How can this be done? The possibilities are endless. One approach would make use of video in outbound email campaigns to drastically improve click-through rates and conversions, and as a pivotal element in creating helpful e-learning courses. 

Video marketing is growing on a daily basis, with businesses realising that appealing to their customers means more than offering content that is simply a hard sell. After all, video does it all (despite having killed the radio star) – it can help to engage your audience, ignite their emotions and improve brand interactions. 

Animation To Engage Your Audience

We also understand that animation can be a powerful tool in a digital marketing strategy.

Building your brand identity involves many moving parts, and one of these parts should be animation services. Our team will collaborate with our partners to create stunning, on-brand animated content including explainer videos for your product or services, animated buyer personas to use for sales teams, as well as social media content to share with your audience.

We will work together with you over an animation style that suits your brand, whether it is whimsical and detailed or modern and simplistic. Everything will be cohesive and complementary to your branding.

It is vital to meet your audience on the platforms they use and using the medium they prefer. Video content and animation are the ideal digital marketing tools to solve business problems and improve audience engagement.

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Outbound Comms Package

(Ideal for rebranding or updating content strategies)

  • 90-second company overview including a live-action “Who We Are” and “What We Do” video
  • A 2-minute filmed client case study
  • 90-second 2D animated video of one of the client’s key services

Social Media Package

(For clients who need updated social media content)

  • Two 30 second live-action LinkedIn influencer videos
  • Two 30 second animated videos