Ever have all these “techies” referring to SSL and nodding just to look like you have a clue. However, in reality, you have no clue what SSL is?

Lucky you are now reading the below to find out.


What is SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors’ web browser.

In other words SSL allows for private information to be sent online from the customer to the service provider without the information getting interrupted, data tampering or message forgery.


Why is SSL important?

SSL is important for businesses as to ensure the information that their customers send, be kept private and secure.


What are the benefits of having SSL?

There are a few benefits of having SSL. Here are the most important 4 according to us:

  1. The first being security. With SSL you are able to keep your clients information secure. This allows for your website and company to be trusted by your clients and potential customers.
  2. The second reason being SSL preventing attackers or other companies tampering with the data sent by your website and your customer’s browsers. This protects your website from malware or intrusion.
  3. The third reason being in order to accept credit card information on your website you will have to use a proper SSL certificate.
  4. The fourth benefit is higher Google rankings for SSL using websites. This means that Google has decided to rank websites higher if they are using SSL. This means you are able to rank higher than your competitors that are not using SSL. This means you have more chance of potential customers discovering and choosing your business than your competitors.


How to detect if a website has SSL

Firstly a company needs to obtain a SSL certificate and then you will have to install it on your web server. Only after this will your customers be able to identify whether you have SSL.

Your website will display a padlock icon or have a green address bar in the URL display section. The URL will also change from http:// to https://


NetMechanic offers free SSL

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