As a rule, marketing and website design trends are constantly changing. One week the newest thing might be to have an animated logo, the next might be to create video content ot Instagram. However, there is one constant in this world of change, and that is that serious companies take their websites seriously, and put a large amount of effort into their website. 

When you are working on a website design strategy you should consider moving away from traditional design methodology. Growth-driven design should be your first choice for a new or refreshed website, as it can cut down the development and design time significantly, which allows you to make changes as needed by using real-time consumer data gathered from your “Launch Pad” website. 

If you are not sure about making the switch, below we look at some of the problems you might encounter when using traditional website design. 


Upfront Costs Are Larger


One of the major issues that traditional website design can bring about is the large upfront cost that is needed. A website can range anywhere between R30 000 to R250 000. Your website design agency might also go over budget when trying to achieve your goals. The cost is driven by numerous factors, including the size of the website and the complexity of the project and design. Your business may not be able to afford such a costly investment every three years, which is why growth-driven design is the ideal solution


Change Is Constant


In the world of digital marketing and website design, the only constant is change. Simply building a website, launching it and making it live, and seeing how it does is no longer a valid website design and marketing solution. The chances are that there will be an algorithm update, a search engine update, or your customer preferences might change. Stagnating will not meet these customer needs, and the traditional website design process fails to recognise that there is an endless cycle of change in the marketplace. 


Websites Are Built On Assumptions…


…and not user data. You most likely choose a website design agency based on their previous work, and while there is nothing wrong with this approach, what worked for one client and audience will not work for another. Traditional website design does not begin the process with user data, whereas growth-driven design does. This means that the user experience is influenced by what the agency assumes is best, rather than what the user wants.


Websites Need Regular Maintenance


Just like an expensive sports car needs to be maintained to keep it in good working condition, a website needs to be maintained regularly to keep it up and running. With traditional website design, this maintenance is often left for a much later date, which could lead to a drop in search engine rankings or even penalties for not updating plugins and so forth. When you invest in growth-driven design, you will be continuously updating, improving, and maintaining your website based on user and analytical data. 


Long Waits Between Updates


With users wanting new and relevant information on a regular basis, your website cannot afford to have too much downtime or time between the updates. Search engines will also place more value on websites that are regularly updated, which could have a detrimental effect on your website. With growth-driven design, you will have a regularly updated website with relevant content and a user-friendly design that takes their changing needs into account. 


Your Competitors Are Already Changing Tactics


Your competitors are likely already changing their website design tactics, which means that if you are still using traditional website design methods, you are likely being left behind by the competition. Using growth-driven design will allow you to have the edge over the competition because your website will be regularly updated and it will remain relevant to consumers. 


Go For Growth


Using traditional website design tactics might seem like a good idea, and there is ultimately nothing wrong with this approach, but if you want your website to grow with your company, then you will need to invest in a growth-driven design agency. You will save on upfront costs, be able to keep up with relevant changes in algorithms, and you will be able to meet the needs of users. 

If you would like to take advantage of a growth-driven design website, contact NetMechanic today to find out more about what we can offer you.