In the digital marketing world, there is a sea of acronyms to remember. SEO, SEM, PPC, CRM, and CTR are all important parts of the marketing process, and for most of us, they simply roll off of the tongue in conversation. However, there is one which is equally as important but that not many of us know about or understand: the CMS (content management system). 

Whether you are new to marketing or if you have an established online presence, having a CMS is the answer you need for a professional website that is fast and has an easy-to-use backend. When you are developing a website design it is important to look at a platform that allows you to create, edit, and manage content easily and effectively. 

If this is all a little confusing, below we explain what a content management system is and why it is important. 


What Is A CMS?


Before we look at why a CMS is so important to any website online today, it is important to understand what, exactly, a content management system is. While this might sound like a complicated acronym, it is a simple concept to understand. A CMS is a type of software which allows users to create and manage a website with little to no technical training. 

One of the most popular CMS options is WordPress because it allows even those who have never designed a website before to create a stunning, mobile-friendly and search engine optimised website in under a few hours. Rather than needing complicated HTML or JavaScript, a CMS does all of the hard work for you, allowing you to choose exactly how your content will appear once it is live on a webpage. 

A content management system is highly customisable, and some digital marketing agencies even use their own custom-designed CMS software for more complicated websites. You will find that your website design is more streamlined and that publishing articles is a quick and simple process. This will allow you to spend more time on creating powerful content, and less time figuring out how to manage a website. 


So…Why Is A CMS So Important?


Once you have grasped the basics of what a content management system is, you can put it into action for your own business or brand website. However, you may still be unsure as to what the benefits of using a CMS are. Keep reading below for why a CMS is so important for your website. 


Total Control Over Content


By using a CMS such as WordPress, you will have total control over the content that you wish to create, publish, edit, and manage on your website. This is especially useful if you will be implementing content marketing for your business, as you can upload and edit content easily and efficiently according to your content marketing strategy. 

Having more control over your content also allows you to remove content that is outdated or that might be problematic for consumers. You can also easily update your information, products, and/or services by using a CMS. Updating your information regularly helps search engines to provide your most relevant information to consumers, making it easier for them to find you online and any physical locations you might have. 


Simple Search Engine Optimisation


One of the most vital components of a website and of successful digital marketing is search engine optimisation (SEO), and a CMS allows you access to multiple different SEO plugins or tools which can help to optimise your webpages for search engines. Without these tools, you will find it very difficult to rank on any search engine

The SEO plugins vary from system to system, but all of them have similar features in common, including the option to enter meta-descriptions, meta titles, image alt-texts, and slugs. Having all of these features optimised will ensure that your content and your webpages are correctly indexed and shown by search engines. 


Beautiful Uniform Design


If you do not have a website designer on your team, or if you have too many with different opinions, the design can be somewhat lacking. However, using a content management system template allows you to keep the look and feel of each webpage cohesive and visually pleasing. A CMS will also ensure that your website is easily viewable on different mobile devices. 

Using a content management system allows you to have more control over your content and how it appears, as well as enabling you to optimise your website for better search engine results. Every business needs a beautiful, uniform website design, which can easily be achieved with the right content management system. 

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