You can’t please everyone in life, unfortunately (you are not pizza)  and this is especially true when it comes to marketing. With most industries bursting at the seams with both new and established brands, differentiating yourself from the crowd is more important than ever. The best way to do this is to invest in niche marketing. 

When you are looking at your digital marketing strategy think about using niche marketing to reach your target audience. It might sound like a confusing concept to grasp, especially if you are a new business, but it is simple to understand and effective to use. Below we delve a little deeper into what niche marketing is and what the benefits are. 


What Is Niche Marketing?


 Niche marketing can be understood as a form of marketing that is geared towards a specific population, or “niche”. Think about it like this: gourmet Gatsbys cater to a particular subset of the fast-food market, just as artisanal vegan makeup appeals to different people in the beauty sphere. 

Nice marketing is used when a business specialises in a certain product or service and can be determined by a number of defining factors, namely:

  • The audience’s demographics such as age, gender, income level and so forth
  • The geographic location of the business and the audience
  • The interests, behaviour, personality, and lifestyles of the audience
  • The spending habits of the audience

Targeting this niche audience is often more effective than trying to reach a broad and undefined audience. Your products and services may only appeal to a small market, which means that you will be wasting time and even money on throwing such a wide net in terms of your audience and digital marketing strategy. 


What Is The Purpose Of Niche Marketing?


So, now that you understand what niche marketing is, you probably want to know what the purpose is. After all, you already understand your audience, right? Well, the purpose of niche marketing is to build a concentrated customer base that is loyal to a brand. This is done by serving the unique needs of the customers using brand identity, tone and aesthetics. 

For example, an organic compost company might only want to target residential complex owners, as this is where their compost will flourish the most. Rather than sending adds or newsletters to a general audience, niche marketing tactics focus only on this audience and create content specifically geared towards it, such as a newsletter about the benefits of using organic compost in a complex garden area. 

Simply put, the purpose of niche marketing is to build strong, personal relationships between the business and its consumers. 


What Are The Advantages Of Niche Marketing?


Better Customer Relationships


One of the major benefits of implementing niche marketing for your business is that you will have enhanced customer relationships. This is because having a smaller or more targeted customer base allows you to focus on the quality of your customer engagements and on nurturing these relationships. You can create ultra-personalised content for your customers, which is what modern consumers expect of brands. 


Keep Out The Competition


Unlike more generalised marketing, niche marketing helps to keep out the competition. This is because your product is highly specific and unique, and it is likely that not many companies are offering the same products or services. Having less competition will help you to reach your audience more easily, as there will not be other brands that are grabbing their attention. 


Boosted Brand Loyalty


Using niche marketing allows brands and businesses to build brand loyalty and maintain it. Customers who are interested in these niche products are more likely to have brands that they follow and trust, which is where your marketing tactics should come into play. Having customers that are loyal to your brand will also help to improve your online visibility as they will leave reviews and comments on social media recommending your brand to other interested consumers. 


Reduced Marketing Costs


Once you have found your niche and your niche audience, you can create targeted audiences who you plan on sharing content with, which will save you from having to create large volumes of content and ads to send out. 

Because you are not targeting the “general public” but rather a much smaller audience, you may also find that more affordable social media marketing tactics work for your brand. If you would like a personalised digital marketing strategy for your unique business, contact NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.