When working with a digital marketing agency to increase your business, you have likely heard numerous terms that you do not understand. However, these terms are important, especially when it comes to the success of your marketing campaigns. 

One of the terms that might be used frequently by your digital marketing agency is “paid traffic”. Any digital marketing strategy needs paid traffic in order to be a success. But, for those who are not in the loop, this can be a confusing concept. Traffic in marketing terms is the number of visitors who land on your website after searching for keywords or after seeing an advertisement. Below we examine what paid traffic is and how it can benefit your business. 


What Is Paid Traffic?


In simple terms, paid traffic is any visitor who lands on your website after clicking on your paid advertising promotion. There are several platforms that offer paid traffic, including search engines, social media networks, and other media platforms. One of the most popular forms of paid traffic is PPC or pay-per-click advertising with Google

Some of the main ways in which you can pay for your advertising include Cost per Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and Cost Per Thousand (CPM). These operate as follows:


  • CPC: With a CPC payment option, you will only pay when someone clicks on your advertisements. For example, you might bid R1,50 on each click which means that the most you will pay is R1,50 per click.


  • CPA: With a CPA option, you will only pay if a searcher takes a specific action, such as a click, a form download, or a sale. This helps to measure how much it will cost to convert someone into a paying customer. 


  • CPM: This is a little simpler to understand, but no less important than the other options. With the CPM paid traffic option, you will pay for every 1000 (one thousand) views that your advertisement receives. 


With each of these options, you are able to set your own budget and can decrease or increase it as you see fit. You can also pause your paid traffic campaign if you do not have the budget for it at any point in time. 


So, What Are The Benefits Of Paid Traffic?


Now that you understand a little bit more about this SEO term, you are probably wondering what the benefits of paid search are. After all, you have to pay for it, so why not rather opt for unpaid or organic search instead? We will discuss organic search in a later article, but below we take a look at the benefits of paid traffic for your digital marketing strategy. 


Impactful Instant Results


When making use of paid traffic in your marketing plan, you will find that the results are almost instantaneous. You can see results within hours, which is often not the case with content marketing or organic SEO. And with paid traffic, you have a guaranteed consumer reach because you have paid for the advertisement to appear. 

Your paid advertisements will appear at the top of the search results pages for your relevant keywords, drawing in more relevant and high-quality traffic to your website. Using paid search as well as organic search in your content marketing strategy will help to improve your online presence and gain more leads and possible conversions. 


You Set The Cost


One of the major benefits of PPC or paid traffic is that you can set the costs for your advertisements. Many people believe that paid search can become costly, but if you choose the right pricing model for your needs, it can be a highly affordable endeavour. This will also depend on what your goals are when it comes to advertising. 

With these advertising platforms, you are able to track and measure everything you spend, which makes it easier for you to set a digital marketing budget. Being able to control how much you spend also allows you to create an overall budget for marketing. You can divide your funds and use some for paid advertising and save the rest for other campaigns, such as social media or even print advertisements. 


Magically Measurable


Arguably the biggest advantage of using paid advertising and garnering paid traffic is that it is highly measurable. It is easier to measure your ROI when using these platforms because many of the tools allow for analytics. This information can help you to monitor a campaign and make changes to keywords or target audiences based on this information. 

For any business, big or small, you will need to have a sound digital marketing strategy. If you are interested in improving your current campaign or strategy, please feel free to contact the NetMechanic team for expert help.