Once a website has been built, many of us think that we can simply sit back and relax and let it continue to run without any interference. Well, you’d be wrong, and the phrase, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” would ring true. And when it comes to website maintenance not having a plan is…well…a bad plan. All website maintenance activities are geared towards improving the lifespan and health of your website. 

You need to invest in website maintenance packages no matter what industry you are in. The day that your website launches is not the end of its upkeep, and the sales and leads will not simply continue to pour in forever.  A website maintenance plan is needed to ensure that your website stays up-to-date, does not develop any issues, and remains working smoothly 24/7. 

But, it can be difficult to know what maintenance and support your website needs. Below we outline what you should invest in to ensure the upkeep of your website. 


Useful Updates


CMS (content management platforms) such as WordPress roll out dozens of plugin and website updates on a regular basis. If you do not implement these updates, there can be serious consequences for your website. However, if you choose the maintenance package that your website design and development company is offering, this problem can be avoided. 

By not using the latest version of your website’s CMS platform you might run into any number of problems. For example, if you have an e-commerce website and have not updated your checkout plugin, customers might not be able to make any purchases. This could be disastrous not only for your revenue but for customer loyalty and trust in your brand. The updates are usually not too intrusive to install, so be sure that these are included in the package. 


Essential Server Maintenance


One of the key elements of a website maintenance package is the maintaining of the actual server itself. This should be done regularly, not simply when a problem becomes too difficult for you to handle on your own. This server maintenance will vary according to the CMS you have chosen, but it should be performed fairly frequently. 

A custom CMS should not need as many updates as an “out-of-the-box” one, but you will still need to request these in case of any plugins that have been used. Server maintenance will also happen on the website hosting company’s side, in order to ensure that your website will not be affected by any updates on their side. 


Information Changes


If you have to update your company information, this will fall under the website maintenance package of your website design company. The developers and designers will be able to add, edit, or update your information for you so that your consumers can easily find you both online and offline. Without updated information, your search engine results and ranking might become lower as you will not be easily found or your information will be incorrect on various platforms. 

Updated information is especially essential for retail businesses who might have changed locations or changed their contact details. Your information needs to be updated whenever necessary not only for consumers but for SEO purposes too, as search engines will likely show these details to consumers who have been searching for your business and for keywords related to your business. 


Don’t Forget Digital Marketing


Digital marketing services are an integral part of any website support and maintenance. It is a good value-for-money add-on to any marketing or website design package. This could include writing or updating website copy, writing a blog for your website, creating a banner advertisement, or even a landing page for a campaign. 

Digital marketing is not an easy task, especially for a busy business owner or manager, so it is important not to attempt this on your own. But with a support system in place, you will soon see improved website traffic and can even use this to drive more leads. Marketing your website and your business is as vital as having a website because, without marketing, nobody would even know your business or site exists. 


Magical Maintenance


Website maintenance is an important part of any website, especially if you are using it to promote your business or retail company. You will need to ensure that all updates are installed so that your website does not break or stop functioning. 

Server maintenance, information changes, as well as digital marketing should all be a part of your website maintenance packages. If you need help keeping your website up and running, contact NetMechanic today to see how we can do that, and more, for you.