When it comes to performance, sport and business often have many similarities. Many parallels exist between businesses and sports teams, and the most recent Rugby World Cup 2019 not only saw an impressive victory for South Africa but also showed everyone how important teamwork truly is. While we are celebrating this win, with our blood still running green and gold, there are some business lessons that can be taken from the Rugby World Cup. 

When you are working with a digital marketing agency it is important to note their team ethics. If everyone is on the same page and maintaining a positive relationship, then their team will be strong and their work will be even stronger. Just like rugby teams need to work together in order to achieve their goal, so business teams and digital marketing teams need to collaborate in order to achieve their projected end results. 

So, in celebration of South Africa’s victory in the Rugby World Cup 2019, we take a look at why teamwork is so vital to any form of success.


We Versus Me


If you know anything about rugby, you know the rule that there is no forward passing allowed. In more understandable terms, this means that the ball needs to be passed from player to player in order to make it down the field,  rather than having one person run with the ball to gain points. The team works as a unit in order to reach the collective goal. 

Similarly, a good business or digital marketing team needs to work together to build a website or create a new product. There is no place for a player or team member who works on their own, without taking any help or giving any input to others. For example, both front-end and back-end developers need to communicate with each other about the website they are building. Remember to focus on the “we” and not the “me” when working together. 


Shared Goals Equals Shared Success


The goal of entering the Rugby World Cup is to win, obviously, and everyone on the team has this same goal in mind when playing. This is an important lesson to translate into your business team, as not having the same goal in mind could have a detrimental effect on your end results. 

While it is true that teams consist of different individuals with different roles and interests, their individual goals should never supersede the goals of the team. If there is an individual who puts their individual goals above the team’s goals, there could be difficulties. In a rugby team, all team members must focus on the play and pull together to achieve the win, and this same mindset should be applied to business. 


All About Adaptability


Adapting to new technology is nothing new in the digital marketing field, and similarly, in rugby, there are no predefined plays, which means that the players need to be able to adapt to any situation. Your business team may have a solution they would like to use for a problem, but should always be able to put this aside and adapt to any changes that might occur. 

Your teams should not start out with pages-long requirement documents or project plans, but should instead work from the information given to them from the project owner or client and what the project goal is. If your team tries to operate using only one method without room for adaptation according to each project, the end results may not be as successful as you had hoped. Adaptability is key to the success of any project and all teamwork. 


Team Culture Matters


We saw in the Rugby World Cup 2019 that every team member in every rugby team is different and has different personalities, but the culture of those teams is inclusive. As a business owner or manager, having a positive team culture is vital for the success of your projects and for maintaining employee morale. 

A part of this team culture is that everyone on your team should make a commitment to working together and reaching the same goals. There should be a culture of openness and respect within the team, as one can clearly see in a rugby team. This will ensure that, rather than having a disorganised mess of a team, you have a cohesive and self-reliant one. 

Team culture plays a larger role in business success than you may think, which is why the NetMechanic team has such positive energy. If you are looking for the ideal digital marketing agency for your next project, feel free to contact us today to find out what our team can offer you.