Of all the pages on your website, your About Us page is the second-most visited page after the home page. However, for many companies, the About Us page is left until the last moment and is often added in as an afterthought, having a detrimental effect on your website traffic and even on your search engine optimisation efforts. 

When you are working on a website design your About Us page should be a top priority. And you should try to make it stand out from the crowd, rather than simply telling a manufactured story about your business or brand. If you are not sure where to start to create the ultimate About Us page, below we give some useful pointers on what you need to make it stand out. 


Start With Your Audience


This might sound a little…counter-intuitive (after all, it’s supposed to be about you)…but starting by addressing your audience’s concerns, problems, and journeys will help them to feel more connected with your brand. When it comes to searching for products and services online, your consumers are concerned with solving their problems, which is what your About page can help with. 

You can do this by dedicating your opening sentences to your audience, describing what their issues are and what their challenges might be. You could also start with the reason why they might be visiting your website, showing that you have their needs at the top of your mind. Starting with your audience in mind will help you to craft a relevant About Us page to drive traffic. 


Tell Your Story


This might seem like an obvious tip, but it is one which many business owners and managers overlook on their About Us pages. Many people focus on the business aspects, which are important, but they are not what draws consumers in and makes them stay. People want to see the human side of your brand, which means they want to know your story. 

By showing your human side, you can break down barriers and increase the likelihood that your audience will use your products or services. Tell your audience about how your company was founded and how it came to be where it is today – even if the story is funny or a bit eccentric. When consumers identify with you, they are more likely to form brand loyalty and use your products and services. 


Make Use Of Multimedia


Too often, About Us pages are simply walls of text with little to no images, which is not exciting to consumers and does not meet their visual expectations. You should try to make your About Us page a feast for the senses, using multimedia where you can. This could include images and video content, or even an infographic detailing the timeline of your business’s history. 

A vibrant and dynamic About Us page can help to increase engagement as well as the dwell time of users on your website, so be sure to make use of strategic visual elements. For example, you could have photographs of your team dressed as their favourite superhero, or you could have a video explaining what services and products you sell. The more creativity you use, the better your engagement will be.


Make Information Clear


Your About Us page should also have your contact information on it, and it should be clear and easy to read, as well as easy to find. Your website users should not have to search the page for your phone number and email address, as this will likely deter users from contacting you at all. However, this does not mean you cannot be creative with how your information is displayed. 

For example, you could have icons for your email address, telephone number, and physical address that open out to give the details, or you could have hand-drawn logos next to each one for visual interest. The information should be spelled correctly and all links should be up-to-date, especially if they send people to your social media platforms and profiles. 


Avoid Using Jargon


If you are in an industry that uses specific jargon, you should try to avoid using it too much on your About Us page, unless it is absolutely necessary for your clients’ understanding of your business. Jargon can include terms and acronyms that the normal public might not understand, which can be highly alienating to those who are interested in your business as a layperson. 

You should aim to write conversationally, as though you are speaking directly to your audience, rather than at them. If your business is in a sector that prefers more formal tones, stick to this but be sure not to confuse readers with terminology that is not used in everyday settings.

If you would like a stellar About Us page (and even better website) designed for your business, contact the NetMechanic team today to find out how we can help you.