With the rise in popularity of applications such as Instagram and Snapchat, marketers can clearly see that consumers have become more visually inclined. Creating content that is visually pleasing can be difficult for those who might not have the time, especially if you have a large volume of information to share,  which is where infographics can come in handy. 

You should invest in infographics for your business to generate better user engagement and improve your search engine optimisation rankings. Infographics can help you to get your message across simply and easily, while also providing relevant and engaging content for your audience. Not sold on using infographics for your digital marketing strategy? Below are just some of the reasons why they are so effective. 


SEO Is Boosted

SEO or search engine optimisation is vital to the online visibility of your business, and infographics can help to drastically improve this. Infographics are highly shareable and often other blogs or businesses will want to share relevant and valuable infographics with the corresponding link to the original source. Link building is one of the best ways to improve your SEO ranking, and creating shareable content such as infographics is a surefire way to achieve this. 


Brand Awareness Is Improved

When you create an infographic, you will almost always include your brand name or brand logo in the content. When the content is shared, your brand logo will be shared along with it. And because many people retain visual information better than they do written information, when they see your name attached to a relevant infographic, they absorb and remember this, putting your brand at top of mind. 


Viral Opportunities

When digital marketing content goes viral, it can be highly beneficial for your brand. For example, tweets containing infographics are tweeted almost 832 percent more than tweets without infographics or images. When content is shared to this volume, it can cause your content and your brand to become viral and more widely known. Infographics can be used for almost any content, such as showcasing how your products, and when this becomes viral, more people will be aware of your brand and will be interested in your products. 


Build Your Authority

Visual presentations are not only more memorable but are seen as being more believable and legitimate. The use of infographics in marketing strategies can help your business to be seen as more knowledgeable and authoritative in your field. Infographics also require a lot of research and in-depth understanding of a topic, so you will be showing your audience that you are an expert. Authority can go a long way to building up your SEO and search engine ranking results. Your content will be seen as having more value and your website will see more traffic, too. 


All About Attention

People today have an attention span of about 15 seconds before they click away to something more interesting. And while long-form content is still valuable, in order to grab this attention immediately, you need something short, sweet, and to-the-point. Infographics can easily achieve this while still conveying important information and data. If you can hold a consumer’s attention with and infographic, there is a higher chance of them looking at and reading your other, longer content. 


Veritably Visual

Infographics are the perfect digital marketing tool, especially when you consider how visually-focused the world is today. You will find that your SEO efforts are boosted, that brand awareness is improved even for larger businesses, and that there are opportunities for viral content. You can also grab the attention of your audience and build your authority. 

If you would like a custom-designed infographic for your business, an informational piece for your brand’s new product, or an improved visual strategy for your brand, feel free to speak to NetMechanic to find out how we can help you.