As a business owner, you are always looking for a way to gain the upper hand on your competition. You have probably spent hours creating the perfect product or improving your service offering, but if you do not know who you are marketing to, you may never reach the right audience. This is where it helps to know about demographics, a marketing term that could greatly increase your reach and your leads and conversions. 

When you are working with a digital marketing company you will have heard the term “demographics” but might not have a clear understanding of what it is or what it entails. Simply put, the term “demographics” refers to a statistical analysis of a people or a group. These factors can include age, gender, location, and behavioural patterns.  

Now, you are probably itching to know why demographics are so important to digital marketing. Below we take a more in-depth look at why this is the case. 


First Things First: What Is Demographic Segregation?


Before you learn about why demographics are a vital component to any digital marketing campaign, it is a good idea to understand what demographic segregation is. This process involves segregating the market into smaller categories based on demographic factors. Rather than targeting a too-large market group, businesses now have a much more defined audience to work with

Dividing the audience into smaller segments with a common variable will allow your business to spend its time and money more effectively. This allows for more personalisation when it comes to digital marketing campaigns and can provide more measurable results. Gathering this data can be done effectively by using consumer insights and analytical software. 


Create A Customised Experience


In today’s age, consumers crave a personalised experience, and this is especially true of the younger generations. Using demographic information allows you to create a digital marketing campaign that is tailored to the different audiences you are targeting. 

For example, if you have a business with multiple branches, you can use the geographical demographics to target people who will be near one of your stores during a sale, sending them an email or pop-up notification when they are close to your store. You could also use this information to create targeted email marketing lists. This type of customised content marketing is a sure-fire way to surprise and delight your audience. 


Improved Products And Services


Understanding your audience is not only important to your digital marketing company but to your production team too. Once you have gathered all of the demographic data from the various tools that are used, you can put this to use to improve your products, services, and customer service offerings. 

Part of this demographic segmentation is looking at the search terms people are using, what devices they are using to search with, as well as their other online behaviour. For example, you might find that several people in the Western Cape region have been searching for ladies only fitness programmes on their cellphone, which will show you that your gym’s website needs to be mobile friendly and you should target Cape Town women with your gym schedules. 


Approach Problems With Unique Solutions


A major reason why demographics are important to any digital marketing campaign is that they help marketers to approach problems with unique solutions. For example, your marketing team might find that your audience is part of the Gen Z demographic, they will opt for fresher and more relevant content and visuals in order to appeal to this audience. 

Demographic information will also help you choose the right social media platforms for your marketing campaigns. If you use the wrong platforms, you may never reach the right audience, or you could be losing out on those who are genuinely interested in your product or service. Knowing who you are marketing to will help you to understand how to market to your audience, helping your business to provide relevant and valuable content. 


Make Better Business Decisions


Now, you might think that demographics are only useful for marketing, but they can be highly beneficial for business decisions. You might find out that 85 percent of your clients range in the 20 to 35 year age range, and can adjust your products, services, and marketing budgets accordingly in order to target these consumers. 

You will also find that your vision and mission can be better clarified if you know exactly who you are marketing to. This will allow you to update your marketing material as well as streamline your brand and brand message. You could ask a website design agency to update your website for you to reflect this brand message so that your audience can better interact with you, or you might need to improve your social media marketing campaign for your audience demographics. 

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