So, your business website is finally up and running and you’re happy with how it turned out. We are here to tell you that work isn’t over quite yet. Creating an awesome and functioning website is only half the job done. From here on out you need to ensure that your website is frequently updated and backed-up.


A website back-up is the greatest insurance plan you can invest in to prevent against disaster. The world wide web, while useful and revolutionary, is also a breeding ground for hackers and viruses. It is important that you back up your website files to keep your content safe and secure. It acts as a safeguard if any of the below were to occur:

  • Your website is hacked
  • Your website is attacked by malware and viruses
  • Old files have been misplaced or have disappeared
  • A corrupted database

A good website is a form of online marketing for your business as it allows you to target a wider audience. It is a convenient way to showcase your products and services. It helps build the credibility of your business and gives you a platform to engage with your customers. Regularly updating your website keeps visitors, new and old, absorbed.  Here’s why:

Security reasons

Internet security is forever-changing so it’s important that you update your security and back-up your website regularly to avoid getting hacked.

Grabs attention and makes a lasting impression

Your website should be pleasing to the eye and the content should be captivating. A website is meant to turn visitors into customers. That is less likely to happen if your website is outdated in visuals, functionality and content. Updating your website regularly keeps old customers interested and leaves a lasting impression on new ones.


Frequently adding content and visuals to your website boosts SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your business website needs to provide fresh content to search engines if you want to achieve a high Google ranking.

NetMechanic offers a website maintenance service that allows you the room to never worry about your WordPress website. You can pick a WordPress maintenance and support plan that works for your business.

WordPress Maintenance packages start from R149 p/m*