Your brand can be considered as the “face” of your business – it is what people remember when they hear your name or see your business advertised online or offline. But sometimes you might need to rebrand or change the face of your business for any number of reasons. You might be updating your digital marketing strategy or you might need to change your branding in order to fit the changing demographics and interests of your audience. 

Companies are continuously adapting to improve their brand image and to meet the needs and demands of consumers. If rebranding is part of your digital marketing strategy it is important to understand why it is so vital. There might come a time when your branding strategy or your brand itself is outdated or no longer represents the values or vision of your business. 

Below we explain why rebranding is so important to your business’s marketing success. 


Maintaining Your Reputation


Having a cohesive brand across all departments, from sales to HR, will help you to maintain your reputation. Branding includes so much more than creating a new logo and choosing new colours. It involves creating a guideline for your business to follow at all times, ensuring that your clients receive the same treatment form every employee. 

Your branding strategy should focus on your core values and should work to provide a seamless experience for every interaction, encouraging consumers to choose your brand over others. Your reputation will remain positive in your industry and with your audience if your brand is uniform. Having departments that are not providing the same message across the board can do more harm than good to your reputation, which is why a rebrand is necessary. 


Repositioning For A Wider Audience


Businesses often reposition themselves in order to attract a wider and more diverse audience. This is not possible if you keep your old brand, as your new audience will not be familiar with it. One great example of a successful rebrand is that of Walmart, which repositioned itself as being an affordable brand that helps to change customer’s lives rather than simply a cheap store to buy in bulk from. 

Walmart updated and refreshed its logo as well as removed the hyphen in its name, making it more appealing to a younger audience. Their goal was to become a highly trusted retail brand without coming across as a small-town retailer. This modernisation allowed Walmart to extend its audience reach, which is what a rebranding can do for your business. You will be able to reach a more diverse audience and cement your reputation. 


A Much-Needed Makeover


Change is as good as a holiday, as the saying goes, and sometimes a rebranding can work wonders for your business. Having an outdated image or using a logo that was designed for your business ten years ago is detrimental to your business, especially in today’s modern age where consumers are evolving and adapting to technological changes on a regular basis. 

A brand makeover will update your logo, your colours, your fonts, and your website, catapulting you into the 21st century and ensuring that your brand is relevant and valuable to consumers. If your brand does not accurately represent your image or products and services, consumers can become confused and could lose trust in your business. A makeover can help you to retain the values of when you started out while also allowing you to modernise and refresh your business. 


Stop Any Similarities


In today’s digital world, where everything is available online, it is easy for brands to copy one another or to develop a logo that is very similar to a competitor. In order to avoid this, it is best to have a completely unique logo that does not bear any similarities to any other businesses in your industry. 

Not only will these similarities make you appear unoriginal, but it can become costly from a legal point of view if the other business decides to take action. A rebrand is an effective way to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd and does not appear similar to any others. However, if you find that another company is copying your brand, you should not rebrand but should instead approach them and ask them to change their logo or colour palette.


Revolutionise With A Rebrand


While is it important to maintain the values, vision, and mission that you held when you started your business, keeping a brand that is ten years or older can do more harm than good for your business. A rebrand can help to maintain a positive reputation and can help to reposition you for a wider audience. 

Making your brand over will also help to prevent any unwanted similarities between your own and other brands. If you would like to revolutionise your business with a professional rebranding, contact NetMechanic today for more information on how we can help you.