5 Reasons Why Email Newsletters Are the Way to Go!


As a small business, you must be willing to explore various forms of marketing if you wish to grow your brand. In a time where everything is going electronic, digital marketing in all its forms is becoming increasingly popular. One aspect of digital marketing that is gaining traction is email marketing.

Below are a few reasons why newsletters are a great form of email marketing.


Effectively engage and connect with your customer

Newsletters are a great way to effectively communicate about your brand to interested customers. It is a platform you can use to showcase your brand’s personality thus differentiating you from competitors. The more people get to know your brand, the more likely they will trust it and become loyal to it.


Email newsletters are quick, easy and cheap.

Thanks to platforms such as Mailchimp, creating and sending out newsletters is a piece of cake. Mailchimp has hundreds of design templates you can use for your newsletter, as well as advanced email automation options that allow you to create tailored messages and filter your email list. On top of that, it’s affordable to use.


Drives traffic to your website

Generating website traffic organically takes a lot of time, patience and frustration! You can use email newsletters to direct people to your website through incentives, content sneak peaks, and direct links.


Moves people through your sales funnel

Newsletters are an effective way to drive sales through the promotion of your products and services. You can use them to highlight the benefits of your products/ services, or notify them of promotions, sales or user discounts you may be running. Either or will drive customers to point of sale.


Helps you generate quality leads

Newsletters come with a quick opt-out option, helping you narrow down quality leads. When people sign up for a newsletter, it means they are interested. Once they receive the newsletter and choose not to opt out of your list, it is assumed that their interest has grown making them an asset to your business.


Through convenient and easy platforms such as Mailchimp, email marketing is now easier than ever. More specifically, sending out informative newsletters to new and existing customers is an excellent way to keep people engaged with your brand.

The benefits of email newsletters are plenty! Through this channel, not only can you disseminate important information, but you can also help establish a reputation, strengthen customer relationships, and drive sales.