WooCommerce 3.6 was released in April! Two key features have been included, namely:

  • Performance Improvements
  • WooCommerce Product Blocks

These will make your store load faster and provide a more engaging experience for your customers.

Performance Improvements

WooCommerce 3.6 is more performant on both customer-facing and administrative pages. These improvements are built upon a new Product Data Lookup Table which makes key pieces of data about products more efficient to query.

The full list of changes that were implemented are as follows for the Front End:

  • A 62% improvement in the load time when ordering and filtering products
  • Reduced overall load time by bypassing inactive webhooks
  • Reduced the load time for the page with category or product attribute list
  • Reduced load time of product pages with attributes

A full list of changes that were implemented are as follows for the Back End:

  • Bulk creation and/or updating multiple products
  • Making use of lookup tables and indices to speed up data retrieval
  • Loading REST API code only when running REST API Queries
  • Working with downloadable products
  • Searching of variations

The end result is speed – a key metric for page ranking and customer happiness.

WooCommerce Product Blocks

Eight new blocks allow you to integrate content and commerce by featuring products on posts and pages. Owners can now choose to feature products using a range of predetermined groupings and even make a custom list of hand-picked products to display on any post or page.  Store owners can arrange the layout into a specific number of rows and columns, and order the products by newness, price, rating, sales, etc.


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