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Let Us Work Our WordPress Wizardry

Your website should be as unique as your business – at least, that’s what we believe.

NetMechanic offers a holistic WordPress website design and development service to help you build an online footprint. We provide affordable, quality website design services that you can trust.

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Creating a functional, clean, and user-focused design

At NetMechanic, our team believes that website design is a combination of creativity and strategic thinking. Our designers are able to work their magic using both custom and basic WordPress themes. We will collaborate with you each step of the way when choosing design elements, in order to design and develop a WordPress website that represents your brand, vision, mission and to fulfil your online goals. With us, your website will be the centre of your ecosystem and will provide you with an intuitive online presence.

It is a known fact that first impressions can never be made twice. And this is why we make use of the content management system known as WordPress. It allows us to create a functional, clean, and user-focused design that can be customised using plug-ins (in non-techie speak, these are features) for various themes and functions. By combining our talents with this CMS, we can design and develop a website that will resonate with your target audience and that will encourage more brand interaction.

We are experts at using the latest website development tactics, basic themes, custom themes and plugins for WordPress, helping us to create a website that is responsive, customised to your business, and (most importantly) user-centric and in-line with your business objectives.

WordPress Website Design

The NetMechanic team is able to wave their website design wands and develop websites with the following functionalities in mind:

Mobile Friendly

Page Load Speed

Search Engine Optimization

User Experience Design

Business Objectives

Social Networking Capabilities

Responsive Methodology for Mobile and Tab Devices

NetMechanic designs and develops websites using WordPress in order to tailor our solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We can create the WordPress website that you have always dreamed of, whether you need an e-commerce site to sell your products or if you want an upgraded site to improve your brand awareness.

We also offer the following services to support your WordPress website .

Our Website Design Process


Discovering more about your business is the first step we take in our journey together with clients. This is where we learn about every aspect of your business or brand, and combining this with our own research, will draft a sitemap to map out your website.


Without sounding too clichéd, we believe that content is king. The next step in building your website is to create content and populate it with content. For this, we have a more-than-competent content writer and a highly creative graphic designer. This content will make your site completely SEO ready.

Website Design

Designing your website is where the true magic begins. Using the sitemap we created plus your company information, we will develop wireframes to ensure an intuitive website structure and customer journey flow. Once these wireframes are approved, our team will swish and flick their magic wands to design the pages using your branding and colours.


Once the website designs have been signed off, we can move on to developing and building the website. Each website design from NetMechanic is responsive and will work perfectly on any device. The tools of our trade? WordPress, WooCommerce, and our own custom-developed CMS system called NetToolbox.

 Delivery & Website Launch

Now, your website might be built, but we are perfectionists. And this means that we will perform a final quality control check before it is launched and goes live. After this is done, your website will be launched and will go live, claiming its place on the worldwide web. NetMechanic also offers website hosting solutions to provide a home for your website.