WordPress Websites Should Always Be Up To Date

Here’s WHY!


“Websites promote you 24/7. No employee will do that.”


As wonderful and practical as WordPress websites are, it is important that they be updated regularly as
they are particularly vulnerable to malware attacks. Having an outdated website means you are risking
your website security and missing out on awesome new features and improvements.

These are wise words from famous author Paul Cookson. However, similar to employees though,
websites always need to be ‘trained’ and updated, in order for them to become an invaluable asset to
your company.

Below are reasons why you should always use the latest version of WordPress.


1. Improved Features and Functionality


Each major WordPress release comes with new features and changes to the software. These
changes often allow your website the opportunity to become easier to navigate and ultimately
more useful. Using an older version of WordPress will probably be very different and a less
pleasant experience than using the latest version.


2. Security and Safety Enhancement


This has to be the most important reason why you have to keep your WordPress site up to date.
WordPress updates come with new security features that prevent hackers from breaking into
your website and inserting malicious code. A WordPress site is usually more vulnerable to
malware attacks because it is open source. Using an outdated version means you are using
software with known security vulnerabilities.


3. Fix Annoying Bugs


New versions of WordPress often come with bug fixes, whether minor or significant. If you
notice that your website isn’t functioning properly, then updating it could be the best solution
as newer versions can fix functionality bugs.


4. Speed


The core WordPress team is constantly working to make things faster. Each WordPress release
comes with a number of performance improvements that make WordPress run faster and more
efficient. As we know, speed is a huge factor in SEO because it greatly affects the overall user


Users hate poorly designed websites that aren’t efficient and user-friendly. Keeping your WordPress
website constantly up to date allows for a more pleasant user experience which could only score you
brownie points in terms of SEO and overall business.


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