We specialise in building websites and we also specialise in search engine optimisation and maintaining and creating your online presence. We have discussed onsite and offsite optimisation techniques in the two previous editions. One of the key factors that is usually ignored is the writing of copy and content generation that should be done for your business. Content IS king. If you aren’t reaching your audience by keeping their attention on what you have to offer them, then they will go somewhere else. It’s simple or rather, should be kept simple. Here’s why.

There are certain parts of marketing your online business that require professional writing resources. This we already know. Blogging as discussed in one of our previous newsletters is a trend that most companies are using as a means to communicate with their target market. Article writing and getting your name out there in the market is also important. Writing newsletters and running online campaigns as well as writing copy for your website are also factors that you need to take into consideration on a daily basis.

Here’s a tip of many to come. Keep your content short and punchy. The average user scans through content, they do not read your content word for word. We found this interesting research study on Web use. Basically, the summary of the study is that on average users have time to read a maximum of 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely. http://www.useit.com/alertbox/percent-text-read.html

Writing for the web is very different to writing for print, so be sure you get the right person to write your content and promote your business. In our next edition we will discuss these differences in more detail. In the mean time Contact us if your company is in need of online writing skills.