Our website reflects our brand to the letter and since it was launched, we have been extremely busy! Their marketing, SEO, and Google Ads efforts have grown our online presence and brought in more website traffic and clients than ever before.

Thank you NetMechanic for your continuous hard work to grow our business!

Nazeem & Natheema Hendriks

Owners, Fair Cape Shuttles

Great service, swift work, and a well-rounded & enthusiastic development team that resolves any problem that arises. Our project was time-sensitive- all deadlines were met and/or exceeded. 

 Cristian Robuschi

Plenum Express

The standout performance of the Netmechanic team is the quality of the service experience. A friendly and helpful attitude by everyone. I can also pick up that you work well as a team and support each other.

The quality of the advice and work done is also great and I can see that our website is much better and we are also getting more orders and quotes from people who have visited our site.

Van Schoor

Owners, Van Schoor Gates

“NetMechanic offers great service and the website is done very professionally with a unique layout and high functionality. It is easy to use and lends good support to the structure in our organization. We will confidently recommend NetMechanic to anyone.”

Esther Kritzinger

Stellenbosch University

Their dedication ensured the site layout met our requirements fully. In the end, we have noticed an increase in client satisfaction when browsing our website. We highly recommend Netmechanic for any business and will no doubt be doing business with them in the future.

Thank you!

Irshad Motala

Lex Outsource & Legal Research Solutions

A big Thank You! to the Netmechanic team for all their effort putting our Star Spitbraai Website together which we are very proud of!

The continuous support, as well as after-sales service, are excellent – always willing to assist and walk the extra mile.

We even receive feedback from our own clients on how happy they are to make use of our website from placing the order through to making payment via Payfast!

Star Spit Braai

In today’s day and age having zero web presence is like going to war with the best artillery but no ammunition. Having said that, Garth Howard and his team develop my footprint and created my presence to the rest of the world. I have been working with Garth for over 10 years now and have got to know him personally, he will make every moment count for us to further a discussion about my website.

My brand and product is situated in a very competitive market and thanks to NetMechanic we hit the ground running with too many leads. Garth would work ridiculous hours to learn and understand the education space and pilot many tests on my site. This today is working in good stead for NetMechanic. 

Deon van Wyk


Working with Netmechanic means that what you want to get done, get’s done! The service is professional at all times and the responses are quick. There has never been a time when they have not reacted to a problem or a service requirement with speed and efficiency. They took our old website with outdated layout, graphics, fonts, etc., and transformed it into a modern and attractive site.

Their team is a perfect mix of left and right brains and their customer service is prompt and efficient. We benefited greatly from their advice and experience in website design and content management. Highly recommended!

Grant Markey

Tailwind Nutrition South Africa

NetMechanic has been of great assistance to me in designing a professional and attractive website for my company Ngalawa (Pty) Ltd. (www.Ngalawa.co.za), as well as educating and guiding me in the field of online marketing.

The NetMechanic team has been unfailingly enthusiastic, friendly and helpful throughout the few months that it has taken to go from initial concept to fully-fledged reality. I will be continuing to work with NetMechanic as we move forward over the coming months and years.


I recently worked with NetMechanic on my new website and re-brand. I’m so incredibly happy with the final result. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them. Not only is she an incredible designer, but her attention to detail and expertise within WordPress is also refreshing – very few designers are an expert at both. On top of this, Sharne’s patience and work hard ethic (often working late into the night to meet deadlines) didn’t go unnoticed. If you’re looking for a new website I highly recommend Netmechanic, they really are a breath of fresh air when working with a designer!

Lilach Bullock


Netmechanic always goes the extra mile for us, no matter the need. Since we started working with them in 2018, they contributed immensely to our business and growth. They always make sure they understand our needs and business, to deliver top quality service. They clearly have a passion for what they do which makes it a pleasure working with them. By offering such a wide variety of services, in combination with their professionalism and efficiency, they most definitely distinguish themselves from their competitors. We would definitely recommend Netmechanic to anyone.



Academic work that has policy implications requires voice and presence. A website wit such characteristics focus on disseminating ideas rather marketing products or services. One needs the right partner to be able to navigate different options and configure the web presence to this complex demand. I am glad Netmechanic helps me find the way and extends its hand whenever needed.

Prof. Carlos Lopes

Africa Cheetah Run

We’ve been working with NetMechanic for almost five years, and they have helped us with our rebranding process. From designing logos, business cards, email signatures, our website in its entirety, boards/signage etc.

I found them very easy to work with, and they always went the extra mile when it came to suggestions, design tweaks and content updates. I have not come across any team doing all of the above as efficient as NetMechanic. It has meant a lot to our organization and me.

We’re grateful for their excellent service and continued support and we highly recommend making use of their services. 



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